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RUSH: I’m going to demonstrate the folly and how they got rid of Jeff Sessions. Well, they didn’t get rid of him yet, but making him recuse himself — forcing him to recuse himself — from these upcoming investigations between whoever, “Trump’s… ehhhh… Russians rigging the election.” So bogus. I can’t tell you how all this infuriates me, because I’m not the only one that knows this. I’m certainly not the only one who can figure this out.

But what has happened here is Jeff Sessions is… There was no need for him to recuse himself. He was being asked questions about something that never even happened. And he wasn’t even asked if he’d done anything. The question that he was asked: “What would you do if any of this was true? What would you do?” They’re now trying to say he committed perjury and that he’s gotta go. It doesn’t matter that he did or didn’t. That’s not the point here. They’re going to take as many scalps as they will be permitted to take.


RUSH: One other observation I’ve made that I’d like to share with you. Take just this week. Forget previous weeks. Take just this week, this week featuring supposedly more shocking revelations of Trump collusion with the Russians on the election — and now Jeff Sessions maybe committing perjury, Jeff Sessions having to recuse himself. Have you seen a single Republican on TV defending Jeff Sessions or Trump?

Now, I can’t say that I have, but I also can’t say that I’ve watched cable news 24/7. So there may well have been. But one thing I do know: No matter what point I tune to cable news network during the day for five minutes or two minutes, I’m gonna hear the Democrat narrative and somebody’s gonna be reacting to it. But I’m not sure I’m gonna hear any pushback. Okay, maybe the Republicans don’t like Trump, but I know they like Jeff Sessions.

When I say “don’t like Trump,” again it’s an establishment thing, folks. And the Never Trumpers, you know, there’s some dyed-in-the-wool conservatives who still can’t come to grips with what happened, so they’re not all that unhappy with what’s happening to Trump. I don’t understand it. To me, I thought we were all unified to the real enemy, which is the left: liberalism, socialism, Democrats, environmentalist wackoism. I thought we were all unified. Apparently not. But there are facts, not opinion.

There are facts at anybody’s disposal to refute most all of this that’s being alleged about Trump and being alleged about Sessions. It’s just like during the George W. Bush years: I don’t see anybody doing any defense whatsoever, and so the Democrat media narrative, the establishment narrative is carrying the day. Now to Sessions. Al Franken, this whole thing of him having to recuse and supposedly lying, Al Franken was asking questions of sessions during his confirmation. Al Franken had just learned of that fake dossier.

Remember, now, this “dossier” — fancy word for an intelligence report — was entirely manufactured. There wasn’t a thing in it was true. The media had it for all of last summer and never ran it ’cause they couldn’t verify a single thing. Then the online website BuzzFeed decided, “You know what? We’re gonna run it, and we’re gonna admit that we can’t confirm any of it. We can’t corroborate any of it. We can’t find a single source to say any of it’s true,” ’cause it wasn’t. It was purposely manufactured as an example document to Trump of the kind of things/intel that people might be saying about him and he should know.

It was a learning exercise for Trump, essentially, by the intel people who were lobbying to get him to meet with them. So BuzzFeed runs it and admits there’s no corroboration and there’s no proof and there’s no evidence. But they say, “You need to see it! We at BuzzFeed think you need to see what’s out there.” So they ran it. That opened the floodgates and let every other network and newspaper run it under the same premise. So it’s out there now. Now, once it’s out there, the fact it’s never been corroborated doesn’t matter.

Now it becomes an allegation. Now it becomes an accusation. And it’s serious! So we have serious allegations about Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate on Obama’s bed in Russia, an dwe must really get into that. And we start searching for evidence. There isn’t any. That just permits them to investigate for the next 10 years on it if they want to. So Franken gets hold of the document, and he’s asking Sessions questions about this.

He says, “CNN just published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president-elect last week, that included information that ‘Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.’ These documents also allegedly say ‘there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.’

“Again, I’m telling you this, [Senator Sessions], as it’s coming out, so, you know. But if it’s true, it’s obviously extremely serious, and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do?” The question was not, “Have you conferred with the Russians? Did you help Trump urinate on the bed?” None of that! This is so sleazy. A totally fake document is being used to question the next attorney general, and the question: “What will you do?”
Sessions said, “Senator Franken, I’m not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians, and I’m unable to comment on it.” You want to talk about utter, total BS. He was… From that answer, they want to claim that he’s committed perjury because he said, “I haven’t communicated with the Russians.” He was being asked about the specific fake events in a fake dossier, and he said he’s not familiar with any of those events.

And “I haven’t had communication…”

“He lied! He committed perjury!”

No, he didn’t. He didn’t even need to recuse himself. That is just one of many examples. By the way, the Drive-Bys don’t even know what I told you. There’s a fake excerpt of the question that Franken asked going around. The Drive-Bys on CNN, they don’t even know what really happened here. They’re not informed. They’re just robots. They’re bots. They’re just reporting what they’ve been told to report, pure and simple.


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, to take you back just to show you how prescient I can be — although this is not a brag; it’s for informational purposes. I want to demonstrate what being on the cutting edge means. Let’s go back to January 18th, a month and a half ago. I was describing what we are seeing now. Trump had not even been inaugurated, and I was predicting what was to come because of something that had just happened. I was warning everybody that it was Trump’s first big mistake, and it was gonna lead to unpredictable problems.

I said, “Let me give you the next phase, which is analysis and opinion on this whole effort by the left to engrave this election as fraudulent and illegitimate because the Russians cheated, the Russians hacked.” Remember, this is January 18th. “I told you this has not been widely reported. It isn’t big news, you haven’t heard about it, but this is what got the ball rolling. The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions.

“On [January 17th] all nine Democrats on the committee signed a letter demanding that, if confirmed, Sessions recuse himself from any investigation of efforts by Russia to interfere in the election. Now, I want to step back and explain what’s going on here. This is all tied to the inspectors general report that Obama announced, the IG investigation in the Department of Justice of the FBI and Comey. Because I think the reason why this…

“Well, maybe not the reason. I think the Democrats would have done this anyway,” try to get Sessions to recuse. “They signed this letter — all nine of them on the committee — demanding that Sessions say that he will recuse himself from any investigation of efforts by Russia to interfere in the election. I think this results from (sad say) the first significant strategic error the Trump team has made. That strategic error was having Senator Sessions say that he would recuse himself when it comes to any Hillary investigation.”

Do you remember? Trump had said that he saw no reason to investigate the Clintons after he had won. He saw no reason to keep pounding the dirt on that. He said something about them being okay. “Oh, they’re nice people. There’s reason to continue this.” First strategic error. When Trump said that, the Democrats then doubled down and as part of the Sessions’ confirmation, they demanded that Sessions recuse him if there was a Hillary investigation.

This all came out during his confirmation hearings because during the campaign Trump’s out there saying he was going to investigate Hillary, that she should be in jail, she shouldn’t be running. You remember Trump’s rallies? “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Everybody at the Trump rallies knew what Hillary had done! The real criminal, fraudulent behavior was done by the Democrats. Trump’s supporters knew it. “Lock her up! Lock her up!” The media was saying, “This is not cool.”

Some Republicans said, “This is really beneath us. Oh, no. We don’t want to be saying, ‘Lock her up.'” So Trump dropped the investigation, but the Democrats still demanded that Sessions say that he would recuse himself if there ever is an investigation into Hillary and her email server and whatever else that she did to rig the Democrat primaries against Crazy Bernie. Sessions, one of Trump’s big supporters, showing up at the rallies, by association was thought to agree with Trump on whatever he thought about Hillary.

He may have even said things that gave people the opinion he agrees with Trump on Hillary, and that was the basis. They said, “Well, obviously Senator Sessions can’t be fair in any investigation of Mrs. Clinton if he has already said that he thinks that she should be in jail,” or whatever it was. But, I mean, this… And this was the first tactical error. This is where they gave ground that was not necessary to give. The Trump team and Sessions at his hearings had Sessions admit or acknowledge that he would recuse himself because the Democrats made a big deal of this in the hearings. They were interrogating Sessions.

They called him Beauregard. “Would you recuse yourself if President Trump requires investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s emails?” He said, “Yes, I would. I will recuse myself, Senator.” And the reason I say, “You don’t give an inch to these people, folks. You don’t give an inch…” So Sessions has recused himself twice now! During confirmation, he recused from any investigation of Hillary. Now he’s recused any investigation the Russians. Trump’s attorney general! The reason he’s put there is because of his integrity, his honesty, his character!

And now they’ve forced him to recuse himself twice! First on any upcoming investigation –which there damn well better be now — and whatever fraudulent, fake garbage that this Russian investigation is. I think the Trump team made a strategic error acknowledging that Sessions should and would recuse himself. This is back on January 18th I’m saying all this, and I warned people then that the left was gonna demand even more Sessions recusals and that this is a lesson that you never give an inch.

They didn’t win, folks!

They didn’t win anything. What they believe has been repudiated. Exception: California. What they believe has been repudiated for the last three elections! They didn’t win! They do not have the numbers in either legislative body to stop the winners, and yet who appears to be running the town still? The American people sent the Democrat Party packing. If you give an inch, if you try to cross the aisle, if you extend the hand of friendship — whatever you try to do to engage in the time-honored art of bipartisanship with these people — you are gonna get shafted.

Can I give you the headline of a Washington Post op-ed today?

Trump Needs to Recuse Himself From the Presidency.”

That’s how it works.

The pattern has been etched in stone, and this is now what will all be descending on — or ascending from, I should say — until it’s beat back, until this is exposed for what it is.

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