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RUSH: We start in Atlanta. This is Mike. I’m glad that you called. I hope you’re over the Super Bowl and the hangover thereafter?

CALLER: Uh, I’m a Dolphins fan, Rush.

RUSH: Ah. That’s bully for you. Well, I’m glad you called. What’s up?

CALLER: I was just wanting to ask, “At what point does what is happening here cease to be simple opposition and become subversion almost to the level of treason as an attempt to take down a sitting president?”

RUSH: Well, we are past opposition. I mean, we’ve crossed that threshold before Trump was inaugurated. Now, treason? That is a precise, specific legal and constitutional term. I don’t like throwing it around ’cause I don’t want it to ever get watered down, so I don’t know that… (sigh) The first thing you’d have to do is be able to actually prove this linkage here, that there is an effort to sabotage, and what anybody would do is they would just laugh at you.

“No, no, no, no, no! This is real. This is because Trump is elected; it’s what Trump did.” So I don’t think… The objective of this right now is not to pursue treason in the House. This is a battle for the minds and hearts of the American people is what’s going on here. Somebody who knows more than I do is gonna have to proclaim that it’s treasonous. But there’s no question that they are trying to take Trump out.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: I mean, there’s no doubt about that.

CALLER: Also, speaking to something you said at the end of the last segment, if I could?

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: When you said the media, the liberals are just being good bots and just doing what they’re told, I’ve always thought that people always wonder why conservatives don’t stick together like liberals do. You know, they kind of throw the person to the wolves. I always thought it was due to, at the core, liberals are about the collective whereas conservatives are more about individual liberty and responsibility. So it kind of makes sense that liberals are more prone to rally around each other no matter what. It’s kind of a hive mind-set.

RUSH: Yeah, well —

CALLER: And the only thing about that hive mind-set is if you get out of line with the hive, the hive is gonna eat you alive. And like I said, I’ve always seen it at the core it’s more of a collective versus the individual liberty (unintelligible).

RUSH: I think that’s right. It’s their religion. What I meant when I say that the media are bots, I don’t want anybody misunderstand this. So I’m actually glad that you brought this up. I’m watching CNN today, and one of their infobabes is doing this report on Al Franken questioning Sessions during the confirmation hearings. I’m convinced — and they played an edited version of it. It was edited by somebody to make it look like it was something other than what it was, and I’m convinced this infobabe hasn’t the slightest clue.

She doesn’t know what’s going on in the editing room. She knows what he’s told happened, and she’s reading it off the teleprompter, and she just accepts it. I’m not saying that they’re IQ dumb or any of that. I’m saying they’re not curious, and, like you: Liberalism is their religion; it’s all a matter of faith. Nobody attacking it is gonna be listened to. They’re all gonna be considered kooks and freaks and so forth. My point here is that many in the Drive-By Media, the faces that you see (sigh), they’re just are repeating what’s presented to them. They’re repeating what they hear when they talk to other like-minded people.

I’ll give you an example.

The New York Times ran a story about Sessions meeting the Russian ambassador, and they ran Claire McCaskill’s tweet excoriating Sessions for doing this and saying that he should resign. Well, then it was produced that Claire McCaskill had, in fact, sent two other tweets where she was bragging about having spent time with the Russian ambassador. So the New York Times, rather than print that, just removed her from the whole story. So people that read the New York Times are not gonna have the slightest idea what really happened here. So not only are the Drive-Bys themselves a little dense and not curious and uninformed, so are all of their viewers and readers.

And that’s just one of countless examples.

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