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RUSH: Sunday’s Washington Post ran a big, blaring headline: “Thousands of ICE Detainees Claim They Were Forced into Labor, a Violation of Anti-Slavery Laws.”  Now, wow, that sounds really bad. I bet right now you’re asking, “What’s this all about, El Rushbo?”

Well, the first thing you need to know, folks, is this supposed “forced labor” happened during the Obama administration. A 2014 lawsuit is getting attention now because a federal judge just granted the defendants class-action status. When this suit just began it was nine defendants, lawyers were suing for $5 million. But with class action status, “damages” for up to 60-thousand illegal immigrants could “grow substantially,” says The Post. In other words, their lawyers could hit the jackpot if they prevail.

Here’s what else you need to know. The lawsuit is against a private prison run by an evil corporation. This is the first lawsuit of its kind to get this far. Liberals are excited because they hate private prisons with a passion.

Now. The most important fact. The illegal immigrants were never slaves. They were volunteers. They chose to work for the pay they received. It’s a normal arrangement in jails, prisons, and detention facilities. Legal precedent allows prisons to offer inmates reduced wages like this, especially since they’re not paying for their own upkeep.

But the people behind the lawsuit are leftists. They’re trying to bankrupt the system, they’re trying to enrich themselves, and mostly they’re trying to grandstand, just for you.

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