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RUSH: I got this email, we had a guy call here and he was talking about the books, and we sent him a set. And I remember him because he said his kids were just beneath the age these books are written for. This is the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series. American history told truthfully and written in a way that involves the reader, takes them right back to these events.

Anyway says, “Rush, I just want you to know how great these books are. We got the set this past Christmas. We gotta be honest with you; when we opened the present and saw what it was, we were a little skeptical, because my oldest child is 7, my youngest is 2, and we have a 5-year-old in the middle. I thought there’s no way we’re gonna get these kids interested in this. Let me tell you something, Rush. These kids and my wife and me, for that matter, we can’t get enough. We just finished the third book about the Revolution and will be starting the Star-Spangled Banner book next. After reading about the Battle of Lexington, my oldest boy was –” this is the 7 year old “– was so very overcome with emotion that he told his mama that he saw everything take place in his mind and he felt sad for the colonists. And after we explained to him why that had to happen, he truly understands.”

And then it goes on with “our kids have never been interested in reading. I mean, they’re 7, they’re 5 and 2. And now they are.” I tell you, when you get feedback like this, well, you can imagine, I mean, it’s just rewarding as it can be.

And we had a very nice guy call on the phone yesterday remarking on our new website design. You know, I am very remiss. I don’t talk about that nearly as much as I should. I mentioned we’ve got a new design, but I casually threw it out there when we unveiled it. But it really is sharp. I mean, we’ve really upgraded it. We’ve simplified it and made it much easier to just read and find and access. So I was gratified the guy called.

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