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RUSH: This is from The Daily Caller: “National Sorority Begins Accepting Men Who Pretend to be Women.” Honest to God. This is the Alpha Cow Omoogas. Well, that’s what we called them when I was in college. We did that to their face and they laughed at it. You can’t do that today. If you run around and call them the Alpha Cows today you have a major, major social controversy on your hand. Back then everybody laughed about it.

It’s Alpha Chi Omega. We called them, back in 1969 and 1970, the Alpha Cow Omoogas. We had names for all the sororities and fraternities. It wasn’t just the Alpha Cows that we picked on. It was all of them. But, anyway, “the 193-chapter national sorority, will now allow dudes who dress up as and pretend to be women to become pledges and, ultimately, full-fledged members.” This means they’re gonna let transgender men, beneficiaries of the procedure known as the addadictomy, are going to be allowed into this sorority. (laughing) You look at this stuff and I imagine if you have kids that are going to college, there’s a lot of reasons besides this to be alarmed and worried about what’s being done to your kids, but, for crying out loud, this desire to be socially conscious.


RUSH: You know it’s International Women’s Day, and the Alpha Cow Omoogas have opened themselves up to… Actually, I didn’t… (interruption) It’s not addadictomy. No, no, no!  It’s not.  Well, it is. No.  No, I got that backwards.  They’re allowing men who think they’re women to join the sororities.  That would not be the addadictomy procedure. (chuckles) That would be quite the opposite, in fact.

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