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RUSH: You are gonna love this. It’s an audio sound bite montage from CNN. You remember we played all these montages where the media, 15, 20 media people will say that Bush chose Cheney to be his vice president for “gravitas.” All these people in the media using the same phrase or the same term. Well, apparently, CNN found out that Obama’s ticked off that Trump’s accusing him of wiretapping him. Obama is “irked.” Obama is “exasperated.” So CNN breathlessly is reporting this, and we have this montage that was put together really just moments ago…

JIM ACOSTA: Sources close to Former President Obama say he was irked and exasperated by his successor’s accusation.

KATE BOLDUAN: Sources close to Former President Obama tell CNN he was irked and exasperated.

JEFF ZELENY: President Obama was irked and exasperated.

MATT BENNETT: Obama, for him to leak that he’s irked and exasperated, that’s about as hot as Barack Obama runs.

RUSH: It is? “Irked and exasperated” is about as hot…? Can you imagine what’s really going on at the Obama resistance headquarters today, which is his house? You see the job numbers in Trump’s first month are through the roof? Can you imagine the conversations that he and Valerie Jarrett are having about how to undermine that and undermine some of this other stuff? I would love to be in on those. I betcha there’s more than being irked and exasperated going on.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier that Obama and Valerie Jarrett are planning the resistance in his house.  We’ve had the news stories of Valerie Jarrett’s moved in there.  You think that’s true, Snerdley?  Or do you think she just goes there every day and has an office in the house?  She was married.  You know, her father, father-in-law, are dyed-in-the-wool communists.  John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, was, as a youth, a communist.  Did you know that?  Brennan, by the way, Brennan is the guy, we’ve heard from Clapper and we’ve heard from Comey and all these other guys, but we haven’t heart from Clapper on all this CIA stuff, and he’s the director for Obama.  He’s the CIA director for Obama.  Anyway, that’s an aside.  Do you think Valerie — (interruption) You think she’s moved in?  You do?  Do you think that’s unusual for an adult woman in her, what, fifties, to move in with another man and his wife?

Snerdley is saying these are liberals, nothing surprises him anymore.  The only thing that makes me believe it is that she’s not moving in there because she doesn’t have a house herself, and she’s not moving in there just to hang around friends.  She’s in there like the Obamas would go over to Bernardine Dohrn’s and Bill Ayers’ house.  They’re strategizing in there.  It’s the home of the community organizing resistance.

Here’s the news, Daily Mail:  “Trump’s First Full Month in Office Brings Massive Employment Boom as U.S. Companies Added Whopping 298,000 New Jobs in February.” That beat the so-called experts’ predictions by more than 100,000 jobs.  Huge, 298,000 jobs after just basically three, four weeks in office.  It didn’t happen when Obama was in there.  So you got to imagine that Obama and Valerie Jarrett are strategizing in there, how can this good news be spun as bad news?  Can we instill panic about inflation?  Can we say it’s a temporary blip?  You know, they’re on the phone to the media no doubt trying to spin this stuff in a negative way.  Now they gotta really be upset ’cause their “Russia hacked the election” thing is boomeranging on ’em.  That might be in the process of falling apart.

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