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RUSH: Here’s Ken in Minnesota. Great to have you on the program. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great. How are you doing today, Mr. Limbaugh?

RUSH: Fine and dandy, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Fantastic. It’s a pleasure and an honor to talk to you. I consider you the smartest guy in this country and I’ve got a question for you. We right now in this country, I’m worried that no matter how successful President Trump is, with the attitudes and opinions of all the young Millennial snowflakes, do we even have a chance? And if we do, can you give a conservative guy like me any advice on how to talk to these young Millennials to help the cause?

RUSH: You know, your call happens to be very, very timely. I was chatting last night — not on the phone; instant message and email — with a friend, and we were digesting the latest revelations in the whole “did the government tap Trump?”; “was the government wiretapping Trump?” and such. We were going back and forth on all that we were learning. And I sent a note to my friend and said, “You know what? I think we’re just at the tip of the iceberg. I think that there has been stuff going on that we can’t even imagine, and we can imagine a lot because we’re smart people, and we know the left and we can imagine the depths to which they’ll sink.”

And I said, “I think if people ever really find out what the establishment of this country has been doing long before Trump and what’s been going on since Trump, I think there’s gonna be hell to pay.” And his response to me was, “Yeah, you’re probably right, but it won’t matter.” He said, “Because we’re not gonna be right about everything we allege, and the media will focus on the five or 10 percent that we’re wrong and try to discredit everything else.” So his point was that no matter what we learn, until we find a way around the media, we’ve got problems. That’s probably relevant. There’s ways to do it, too, I think.


RUSH: Okay. I’ve got a little bit more time to share this little story with you, because it’s… Well, yeah, it’s interesting, but it’s got more to it than that. So, anyway, to reset the story, I’m chatting back and forth last night with a friend on the latest developments of the whole CIA WikiLeaks dump, the backfiring — the apparent backfiring — of allegations from the deep state that Trump and the Russians hacked the election. By the way, I want to make one other thing clear again. I did this toward the end of the program yesterday.

What is the hack of the election that everybody thinks is the big hack? What was that big hack? Can you name it for me? What was the hack? What was it that lets everybody believe the Russians hacked it? Aside from all these people saying, “Yeah, we know that it happened.” Of course, they don’t know that it happened. They know the Russians try. The ChiComs try. We try! The CIA document dump at WikiLeaks indicates that we had programs to keep microphones on Android and iPhones and Samsung TVs.

Now, Apple’s out today saying, “Yeah, but we patched those vulnerabilities long ago. Some of this stuff is really, really old,” which I have no doubt, although old in cell phone terms is not as old as you think. Like some of this stuff is 2013, 2014. That’s ancient in terms of iPhone software. We’re now at iOS 10 with iOS 11 to hit — well, it’ll start beta — in June. But we’re talking two operating systems ago, which is generally ancient even back as far as 2013. So Apple claims that if you have an iPhone 6s or a 7 you don’t have a problem here.

Those exploits have been patched. But, anyway, we’re talking about all this. What is the hack? And what did they get from the DNC server? (interruption) Nooooo! See, this is the thing. Podesta’s emails were not from a hack! That is my point. Everybody thinks that the John Podesta emails that started showing up in September and October and were all over everywhere came from the Russians hacking the DNC server and that they failed to get into the RNC server. Well, if they hacked the DNC server, why weren’t there any Hillary emails in this dump?

Do you realize there wasn’t a single Hillary Clinton email throughout this entire campaign that was part of the daily dump on WikiLeaks? And the WikiLeaks guy, Julian Assange, said as many times as he was asked, the Russians were not his source. But the fact is that John Podesta fell for a phishing attack. A phishing attack is, you’re looking at your email, and you see something that you think is from American Express — and, man, it looks just like an American Express email — or your MasterCard or any other company with whom you have a credit card.

It says that there’s a minor problem on your account, and they give you a link to click to correct the minor bit of information. And if you make the mistake of clicking on the link, you are sending, perhaps, your entire address book to whoever conducted the attack, or you are sending whatever the hacker — it’s not a hack — whatever the phishing attack author seeks from your computer. It could be your Social Security if it’s somewhere on the machine. That’s what happened to Podesta. Podesta was not hacked!

Now, it is believed that Hillary’s emails were, but we don’t know where 30,000 of them are. They still remain in the ether, and they may yet be revealed at some point. But this whole business of Russian hack… Look, this is just a sideline to the story. I reminded myself I wanted to make this point. Everybody thinks the Russians hacked the election, and the real damage is done by people in the media trying to convince low-information voters that the Russians had something to do with the outcome of the election, with votes. Nobody has alleged that.

They want you to think that’s what they’re talking about, but they haven’t alleged it. What they really want you to believe is poor old John Podesta’s emails are the result of a mean Russian hack and they got into those emails. The DNC said, “Nope, nope, nope! Podesta made the mistake himself.” There was not… My point is, we don’t know what the Russians succeeded in hacking. Now, we do know that the Democrats were rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders. We do know that because that shows up in some of the Podesta emails and other things and in Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz’s emails.

But, as far as the real hack, there wasn’t.

Anyway, my friend and I were discussing all of this, and we were enjoying very much how Trump’s allegation that Obama had tapped Trump Tower has totally discombobulated the anti-Trump deep state. It’s a fascinating thing, because for months and months and months all of these leaks — from the deep state, from intel sources, from highly placed Americans who know what they’re talking about, whatever/however they were identified — said that Donald Trump and the Donald Trump campaign are under investigation for ties to Russia.

And then Trump — with his tweet alleging Obama wiretapped Trump Tower — essentially agrees with them! When Trump alleges — and like Devin Nunes says (paraphrased), “You people in the media, you still don’t know how to deal with Trump. You take him literally. He’s not one of you. He’s not a politician. You’re making the mistake here of continuing to take Trump literally and not seeing the big picture that Trump is talking about. And it’s your job to understand him, ’cause he’s who he is, and he’s consistent and he hasn’t changed.”

Devin Nunes is right on the money about that, something I’ve been maintaining for months now. So Trump basically lobs back into their lap the idea that, yeah, he’s being investigated. And the moment he did that, the media and the Democrats freak out! “What do you mean we’re investigation you? We’re not investigating you! What are you talking about?” Wait a minute. You’re not investigating Trump? See, they didn’t say just, “We didn’t wiretap Trump.” They didn’t say, “Oh, no, no, no.” They said, “We’re not investigating you! What are you talking about?”

Well, that just put the lie to everything they’ve been reporting since last summer, which is that there has been an investigation of Trump. So when Trump joins them and accuses them of it, then they start backing off. Now the people, the Obama leftovers that are there embedded in the deep state are starting to deny — because they’ve been tricked, they’re starting to deny — everything that they were alleging. Well, not everything, but much of it. I made a big point of this yesterday. So we’re going back and forth with this, my friend and I, and I said, “You know what? I think we’re only at the tip of the iceberg.”

Because we’re only focusing on what’s been happening the past 10 to 15 months. I said, “Do you realize how big this really is? ‘Cause it goes beyond Trump, and it probably goes beyond Obama. Do you realize how big this is? We’re just at the tip of the iceberg. If all of this ever surfaces, which now they’re gonna do their best to keep from happening…” My friend’s response was… This depressed me. I thought he would roundly agree and be eagerly anticipatory of that day when the lid blew and we learned really much more what was going on. His response instead was, “Yeah, no doubt. But then all the media will do is focus on the five or 10% that we’re not entirely right about, and they’ll discredit the whole thing.”

And I will admit to you that the air, some of the air in my balloon — it’s a big balloon — came out, ’cause it was, again, a hard, cold, slap-in-the-face reminder of what we’re actually up against here and how frustrating it is that the media seemingly so easily gets away with misinforming so many people. But I’m not in total agreement with my friend. He’s naturally pessimistic, born of his own experiences with this kind of thing. But it did sober me for a moment to realize what we’re up against.

I don’t have any specifics in mind when I say we’re only at the tip of the iceberg. And what I mean by it is the efforts that the establishment, both in Washington and around the world, have made to protect themselves, to insulate themselves, to keep any opposition at bay, however and by whatever means, and just the things that I think that are out there to learn would blow you away.

Then he hit me with, “Yeah, but we’re not gonna be right about all of it. Nobody’s ever right about everything. We’re gonna have to do some supposition based on what we learned. And there’s gonna be things we’re wrong about, and that’s what they’re gonna zero in on,” which is exactly what happens now, what they’re trying to do with Trump.

Trump says, “Yeah, the White House, Obama hacked Trump Tower.” So they now zero in on that to try to disprove everything, when much of all else that we’ve been analyzing and talking about is incontrovertibly true. They did it with Joe McCarthy. Joe McCarthy was right about a heck of a lot that he said but there was five or 10 percent where he went overboard on a couple things and they were able to focus on that to discredit him entirely, which is how it’s done, because the media is the Swiss Guard for the establishment.

The media is the moat around the castle. And that’s all I meant to the caller, who wanted to know how are we gonna do battle with these Millennial snowflakes who are not learning the truth and not even getting anywhere close to learning the truth. As they grow and become older are they going to change? Are they gonna grow up? Are they gonna start seeing the light? Or, no matter we got Trump for four years or eight years but these Millennials have got another 50 to live, what’s that gonna mean?

I understand the concern. It’s why what’s happening now is so important. It’s why so many of us say, “This is it. This is the one shot.”

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