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RUSH: So guess what happened within minutes of President Trump’s new-and-improved executive order temporarily barring travel from six Mideast nations. The liberals started whining and moaning and complaining and condemning and being insufferable as always.

The ACLU’s legal director, David Cole, said the new executive order “will be less catastrophic” than the first, “but it’s still religious discrimination,” and it’s still unconstitutional. “President Trump, we’ll see you in court,” he declared.

Connecticut Democrat Senator Christopher Murphy said that he would introduce a bill to overturn President Trump’s order. And Senate Minority Leader “Chuck You” Schumer chimed in, voicing his displeasure. He said, “Despite the administration’s changes, this dangerous executive order makes us less safe, not more. It is mean-spirited, and un-American. It must be repealed,” he said.

Roll Call ran a great headline about all this: “Democrats Have Few Options on Trump Travel Ban.” And it’s true. Despite all this B.I.-itching and moaning, there isn’t much the Democrats can really do to stop Trump. As the minority party they can’t force Congress to take up legislation to overturn it, and there are too many legal hurdles for them to take him to court all the time. In other words, they’re all mouth. They’re powerless here.

As for outside agitators like the ACLU. Well, you guys go right ahead. Try to tie this order up in court. Don’t worry, there’ll be another one. Trump can outlast you.

President Trump is not the typical Republican you’re used to. He fights back, he doesn’t cave, he doesn’t roll over, and when hits you, your nose and face know it.

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