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RUSH: Now, during Ryan’s presentation — we were joining it in progress a moment ago — he talked about the tax cut aspect of Obamacare. TheHill.com just published the story. Let me see. The timing of this thing was at 11:30, so it’s about 50 minutes ago. “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [today] poured cold water on the Trump administration’s goal of completing tax reform by the August recess. ‘I think finishing on tax reform will take longer,’ McConnell said during a Playbook Live interview.
“Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said late last month that the administration wants to wrap up a long-held GOP goal of overhauling the tax code before lawmakers leave for a month-long break. ‘So we are committed to pass tax reform,’ [Mnuchin] told CNBC. ‘We want to get this done by the August recess,'” but McConnell has said he doesn’t think that’s gonna happen. “I think finishing on tax reform will take longer.” McConnell also made it a point today… He was asked point-blank: Is Mexico gonna pay for the wall?

And McConnell said, “Uh, no,” and the room started laughing. So in two different instances today, the Senate majority leader drove a stake into the heart of two different Trump administration objectives and promises. Well, one of them is a promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. The other is an objective tax reform by August, but McConnell has shot them both down, essentially. Now, on the paying for the wall… You know, this is the thing. It’s just another example of how people do not know in the establishment how to deal with Trump.

At the end of everything, Mexico’s gonna pay for it. But nobody ever meant that Mexico was gonna write a check. The money to build the wall will come from some of our dealings — one way or the other, inflow or outgo — with Mexico. It’s something that Trump’s going to insist on and it will happen. But everybody has this picture of the president of Mexico sitting down, writing a check and putting it in the mail, putting a stamp on it, putting it in the post office box, and sending it off to Trump. That’s not how it’s gonna happen. So Trump’s got his work cut out on him.

Look, I keep repeating this, but the people in the Washington establishment and many on the Republican side, it’s not just they want Trump to fail; they want Trump destroyed. I’ve been trying to think of ways to illustrate just how angry and discombobulated the establishment is. They’re fit to be tied. They’re in a simmering, beneath-the-surface rage that Trump has won this election, and every day is spent trying to find ways to sabotage or undermine or otherwise deny much of Trump’s agenda while attempting to destroy Trump’s reputation.


RUSH: You know the best way to illustrate this Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall business? I can tell you exactly how to think of this. Mexico is going to pay for the wall the same way you pay for Planned Parenthood abortions. You don’t think you’re paying for Planned Parenthood abortions, but you are. Planned Parenthood gets federal funding. Where does that money come from? It comes from you. Mexico is gonna pay for the wall. It’s either gonna come from money they give that’s gonna be allocated to the wall or we’re not gonna return as much money to them in the form of aid in terms of the amount of money it would take to build the wall.

But Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall.

Pure and simple.

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