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RUSH: Okay, I am going to tell this story the way an environmentalist-wacko would:

There are grave concerns about the direction of the EPA under Scott Pruitt, appointed by Donald Trump to take over the agency. As the New York Times says, Pruitt “built a career suing the agency he now leads.” Pruitt is even filling top positions with “like-minded conservatives” who are climate change deniers. These deniers are going to roll back environmental “protections” under the pretext that they harm business.

The Times says Pruitt’s EPA leadership is “fundamentally at odds with career officials, scientists, and employees who carry out the agency’s mission.” Pruitt’s changes are causing strife and gridlock. Clean air and water and the future of the planet are at risk!

Agency morale is being crushed! The zealous employees and scientists who spent careers creating protections (i.e. regulation) under Obama will be ordered to undo all their wonderful work. It is a nightmare!

Okay, off with the pink hat. This is from me, the Mayor of Realville: Look. This might come as a surprise to you so-called journalists at the New York Times, and to you wackos who believe their drivel. The planet is fine. It’s not fragile. What’s at risk is your global warming hoax and your job-killing junk science!

Your liberal nightmare is a dream come true for the rest of us, and we are smiling!

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