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RUSH: Bill Clinton is back. Bill Clinton went out — where was he yesterday? He was in Washington at the Brookings — Do you know who runs the Brookings Institution now? Well, it’s always been a bunch of liberals. The Brookings Institution is not conservative. It’s not the Heritage Foundation. You know, AEI, the American Enterprise Institute leans to the right. But Brookings, they’re way, way over. You know who runs it? I did not know this. A guy named Strobe Talbott. Do you know who Strobe Talbott is?

Clinton’s roommate at Yale or Harvard, wherever they were in school, he was Clinton’s roommate. He was working at TIME magazine. He’s part of the left-wing Democrat uber-establishment, and he was working at TIME magazine when Mondale was running for president in 1984. Mondale kept quoting him, I remember, in that campaign. I don’t know why I remember these things. Maybe because the name Strobe Talbott, you know, you hear a name — would you name your kid Strobe? Maybe in the entertainment industry.

When you think of “strobe,” you think of a strobe light in a disco, right? Well, obviously it’s somebody’s last name in his family, it has to be. A unique name like that, you know that is a — probably Strobe Rush Button Talbott the 9th. Von Voorhees or some sufficient thing. Anyway, he’s a close friend of Clinton’s and he’s running the place and he had Clinton come in to deliver a speech, and this was Thursday, so it’s yesterday. We have a small audio sound bite of this from the Brookings Institution. Clinton’s very upset at America under Trump. This is horrible, it’s unacceptable. This is just a portion of what he said.

CLINTON: People who claim to want the nation state are actually trying to have a pan-national movement to institutionalize separatism and division within national borders all over the world. Somehow or another we have to find a way to bring simple, personal decency and trust back to our politics. We gonna live in an us and them world, or a world that we make together? Is it gonna be one set of rules for us and another set for everybody else, or are we gonna find a way to live with the same rules?

RUSH: May I hearken back to one of the points I made in the first hour of this program about why Trump is never gonna be liked and why Trump is never gonna make friends in Washington and why this or that? Listen to what he just said here. These people, as epitomized by the Clintons and all of their buddies, in their minds first, folks, they were on the verge of ending the whole concept of nation state. A nation state’s a country. It’s just the way they talk.

The concept of borders in their world is discriminatory and limiting. And they had this magic dream and they’ve had it for the longest time of a united world that is run by them, run by the world’s elites making choices for the globe as a whole with no care or concern of what people in one nation state think or what one other nation state might think.

Now, I don’t think that kind of dream is ever going to happen, but they thought that they were close. They think it can. This dream is being pursued and has been pursued for generations. And it’s rooted — well, it’s hard for me to understand it psychologically — but it’s rooted in this unquenchable thirst for power coupled with an air of superiority and ego that they tell themselves they’re so much smarter and so much better and so much wiser than everybody else.

It requires a contempt for what you and I would call ordinary, average people, faceless, nameless, non-celebrities, the people who really make every country work. You don’t know them. You know they’re out there, the country is what it is because of them. These are the people that volunteer to join the military. These are the people that go fight wars. These are the people that just make the country work. They are held in contempt and disdain and thought to be incapable of leading their own lives for the best outcome of all.

And what dominates them as a sales technique is to focus on the people they think are victims in each country and disadvantaged, i.e., various minorities here and there, and they reach out to them by encouraging people to think of themselves as victims, which destroys any initiative to be successful. If you agree that you’re a victim of something, you are acknowledging that it’s so big that you can’t overcome it. If you acknowledge that you’re a victim, you can’t do anything about it. Also, if you acknowledge you’re a victim, it’s somebody else’s fault.

So these people come along, and they play off all of that, and they say that they have the power and the desire to fix all of these things that have made you a victim. And they also give them money in the form of tax credits and welfare payments and you name it. But if you look at what Clinton actually said here, “People claim to want the nation state. They’re actually trying to have a pan-national monument to institutionalize separatism and division within national borders all over the world.” No, that’s not what’s going on. That’s what they want you to think.

So essentially this is an attack on what you would call patriotism. And it is an attempt to impugn and disabuse your notion of what your definition of patriotism is by claiming that what you really want is to institutionalize separatism. The reason you want there to be a strong United States is because you don’t like Mexicans and because you don’t like Canadians, because you don’t like Japan and China, and that’s bad.

And so this is how they stigmatize patriots. This is how they stigmatize people who believe in American exceptionalism, who believe in the whole concept of America as a unique and great place, which it is. The people of the world acknowledge it by trying to get here however they can by the millions day in and day out.

So Clinton comes along and says what they really want is to separate themselves. They want to be perfectly ensconced in that little nation state and they don’t want to care about anybody else. If there’s suffering in Japan or China, they’d don’t care, they don’t want do anything to do with it. Which is disproven by the American existence. It’s disproven by our worldwide charitable relief efforts that nobody in the world can ever come close to matching or exceeding.

And then Clinton says, “Somehow or another we’re going to have to find a way to bring simple personal decency and trust back to our policy.” Yeah. Now it’s Trump’s fault. There’s no decency in our politics anymore because of Trump. Because, see, Trump, he’s a reprobate, he’s a pig. Trump’s mean, Trump’s crude, Trump’s this. And Obama and the Clintons, why, they were the epitome of refinement and culture, and they thought that they epitomized personal decency and trust. And then this is the clincher. We gotta live in an us and them world or a world we make together.

So, you see, this is how the Clintons and these global thinking types denigrate you by claiming you are in an us-versus-them mentality, that everybody not like you is the enemy. And that is so uncivilized and it’s so short minded and it’s so dangerous. (Clinton impression) “We all have to find a way to live together. We all gotta find our commonality. We gotta find love and peace and love everybody all the same.”

Mr. President, the history of the world is us versus them, which I think he even acknowledges at some point in his speech. This is a world that has been governed by, this is a world that has been shaped by, this is a world whose current shapes remain governed by the aggressive use of force. Much as you may hate hearing it, much as you might wish it weren’t so, it’s undeniable. The world as it exists results from aggressive use of force. The United States exists as a result of the aggressive use of force.

It requires the aggressive use of force to maintain who we are and what we have because there’s always people trying to take it away from us, and that is what’s wrong with all of this. The Bill Clintons of the world and the Hillary Clintons of the world, the Barack Obamas and everybody in this so-called globalist movement can only accomplish what they want by taking things away from the United States and redistributing them and spreading them around, and that’s what every global initiative is about, be it climate change, be it flood relief.

I don’t care what it is, every global initiative is about shrinking the United States under the pretext that the United States is where immorality and injustice reside. (Clinton impression) “Because we got a bunch of pan-national us versus them in there, and they’re not interested in getting along with anybody outside the United States, and that’s just so shortsighted and we gotta change that.”

And when people have a chance to vote on that, they reject it every chance they get. If Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton had run on this agenda, if they had run on their desire to limit the United States, to shrink the United States, to take away from the United States and redistribute, if they had made it plain that’s what they were gonna do, they wouldn’t have gotten close to winning.

They can only accomplish this with tomfoolery, skullduggery, and governing against the will of the people. And now that Trump has won, they see that dream that they thought was in their grasp slipping away, and they don’t know what to do about it. So now they’re being honest in their panic about who they really are and what they really think of you.


RUSH: Really, we’re gonna have Bill Clinton lecturing us on personal decency? I want to translate this for you. When Clinton says people who claim to want the nation state are actually trying to have a pan-national movement to institutionalize separatism and division within borders all over the world, in human-speak, Bill Clinton wants open borders. He thinks national boundaries are weird, even though they’ve been around forever. He thinks that they’re weird and they’re discriminatory and people shrink and reduce themselves inside these borders and have no interest reaching out.
What absolute crock. But that’s exactly who they are.

By the way, I was right about Strobe Talbott. His actual name — ready for this? — is, where is it, Nelson Strobridge Von Ausberg Voorhees Talbott. Well, I added the “Von Ausberg Voorhees” in there, but it’s Nelson Strobridge Talbott.

Was there ever a bigger us versus them operation than the Clintons? Who was it that popularized a room called the war room? What did Bill Clinton do, what did Hillary Clinton do to all of the women that Clinton had bedded out there who threatened to rise up and go public with it? This is where these people are hypocrites beyond the wazoo and they get away with it.

And here’s something else. There’s a new poll out there. This is from the Washington Free Beacon: “President Donald Trump and his administration have been criticized by the media and Congressional Democrats throughout the first six weeks of his presidency, but new poll numbers show that registered voters have a more favorable opinion of him than his former opponent, Hillary Clinton.” And, you know what? It’s a 20-point spread. Trump has a 55% approval opinion among registered voters. Hillary Clinton’s is at 35%. And don’t doubt me, they know this too.

They have been rejected. They have been repudiated.

They have been sent packing by the people in this country they really resent.

They are fit to be tied out there. They’re really angry, folks. It isn’t going to change any time soon. And this from Breitbart. There has been a study of TV ads from the campaign. Over 60% of the ads that were run for Hillary Clinton were solely about attacking Trump. They were attacking personal characteristics. Clinton’s ads were personal attacks on Trump, over 60% of them were. Trump’s ads, a vast majority, focused on policy, policies and ideas. When you look at this campaign and everything that’s been done, there shouldn’t be any surprise why Trump won. The more you look at this, you find out what a really bad candidate Hillary was and what a really arrogant, condescending campaign that she ran.

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