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RUSH: Here is Laurie in Sacramento, my adopted hometown. Wonderful to have you with us. How are you?

CALLER: Oh, thank you for taking my call. Yes. As a Californian, we pay tax upon tax upon tax, fees upon fees, our DMV fees are crazy. Now we’re paying $25,000 a month a retainer for Eric Holder, and then Jerry Brown goes to —

RUSH: Now, wait, wait, wait. Hold it now.

CALLER: — and wants money to teach our —

RUSH: You can’t just do that. You gotta tell us what you’re paying Eric Holder to do.

CALLER: And I hope President Trump tells him to go pound sand unless he wants to do away with sanctuary cities.

RUSH: That’s it. California has hired Eric Holder —


RUSH: — to do research and to defend them against any cases that are brought to eliminate sanctuary cities.

CALLER: Yep. So it infuriates me, as you probably can tell from my voice, it really infuriates me.

RUSH: I’ve been making the point recently that you people in California have had a hundred billion dollars of legislation passed oriented toward fairness while the Oroville Dam is threatened and while other infrastructure is falling apart. A hundred billion! Now, that may be low. A hundred billion dollars on legislative initiatives guaranteeing fairness, like bathroom usage and whatever the hell else it is.

CALLER: Yes, absolutely stupid stuff.

RUSH: Well, why do you stay, Laurie?

CALLER: I’m native born. My family is here. My boys are law enforcement. Once they retire, they say we’re outta here, but then you look back and you say, if all the conservatives leave California, I mean, then California has no chance. It’s a beautiful state.

RUSH: I know. I know. Look, I loved it there. I still love going there, but there is no — it’s sad. I know exactly, exactly what you’re saying.

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