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RUSH: Hey, folks, a little pop quiz. What do the Congressional Budget Office and the National Weather Service have in common? Well, you can call it fake, but certainly some of the wackiest forecasting that we have ever encountered. Do you realize they canceled 8,000 flights in the Northeast for what’s gonna turn out to be four to eight inches of snow? And I know what you’re gonna say. “That’s okay, Rush, they got the forecast right. They just missed by a couple hundred miles where, but the intensity of the snow, there is a blizzard there, but it’s upstate inland New York, not New York City.”

Look, I understand all that, but, folks, there’s something else going on here, and we have to face it. We’ve made everybody afraid of everything. We literally have instilled a crisis mentality and a fear culture throughout our country. Our current culture has managed to make people afraid of everything except, of course, the one thing they should really fear, and that is runaway, rampant, radical socialism, communism, call it what you will. That’s what ought to make people afraid.

One hundred million people have been killed by radical, socialist regimes and governments in the history of the world. Climate change hasn’t killed anybody yet, although, have you seen this horrible story in Ethiopia? I’m not making this up. The poverty in Ethiopia is so bad that people don’t dumpster dive; they dive for remnants of food in giant landfills. And there an avalanche of landfill garbage sludge, and people died in it as they were looking for just morsels of food in Ethiopia, in Africa.

And Ethiopia’s economy is said by the Drive-Bys to be burgeoning and growing as Ethiopia seeks to become a regional power. You couldn’t even say that global warming killed those people. Global warming hasn’t killed anybody. It hasn’t killed any polar bears. It hasn’t killed any penguins or any of that. But man, oh, man, are we afraid. College students are afraid of anything that they don’t agree with.

I was thinking about this driving in today too. The sixties, when I grew up, the radical sixties, the Students for a Democratic Society, Tom Hayden, Bill Ayers, domestic terrorism, blowing up bank buildings, protesting the Vietnam War and all that. Those people grew up and they became the Clinton administration, they became the Obama administration. This current crop of snowflakes that are scared to death of their own shadows, they’re gonna grow up someday, and if they don’t grow out of whatever stage they’re in, can you imagine people like this running the institutions and companies of this country’s future?

There’s a name for this, by the way: Intersectionality. Do you remember the protest at Middlebury College? That’s where Dr. Charles Murray, a famed and noted sociologist went to make a lecture, and as soon as he stood up, the students at this college turned their backs on him and started shouting at him. It got to be so threatening that a lib professorette had to escort Murray out of the room to a satellite location where he could do the lecture via closed-circuit TV.

And this teacher was set upon, this liberal professorette was set upon by the angry mob, and she said she feared for her life in getting Murray out of that situation. You know, people had high hopes for this, but she ultimately blamed all of that on Trump, not the students, and not her stupid school, and not the things that her students are being taught. But she blamed it on Trump. This is the professor that ended up in the hospital ER with a neck brace being attacked by students.

Anyway, I have come to learn that those students are practicing what is called — it’s a political movement — intersectionality and that it is a religion. And that intersectionality, I mean, Google it. Google it. Look, I hadn’t even intended this. I intended by now to be telling you about my great golf game yesterday in the charity tournament for Ernie Els, and I’m gonna get to that, you know, my mind just starts working and it goes, my mouth follows my brain in many cases and that’s why — look it up, Google intersectionality.

Andrew Sullivan, a noted leftist radical, has written about it in very, very frightened and concerned tones. Because when something becomes a religion, it requires no evidence, it requires no proof, it requires nothing but faith. And therefore you cannot disprove it to the faithful, no matter what you do. And this is a strain of liberalism that is radical, and it’s infected many campuses all across the country.

It started out with simple pollution of minds with liberal professors and student assistants and so forth. My point is, whether it’s the snowflakes who are afraid of whatever they hear they disagree with, or people afraid of a weather forecast, literally afraid of a weather forecast, or afraid that government won’t do something to protect them, we’ve created a culture of crisis and fear. And many people believe that they’re not gonna be able to navigate life without government helping them because everybody seems so willing to accept victim status.

You know, once you do that you have given up all control over your own life, and instead you seek everybody else to blame for your automatic guaranteed failure. You become a victim and you’re guaranteed to fail, because you’ve already established that you can’t succeed, blaming it on others. Well, these people, my only point is, are gonna grow up someday, and if they don’t grow out of this, like the sixties radicals didn’t, we are living under the radical, perverted polluted mind-set from the leftist sixties.

Those people eventually ran and got elected in the Clinton administration, the Obama administration, and there at all levels of federal and state government. That’s how in California you have a hundred million dollars spent on legislation regarding fairness and social justice, a concept by which there’s no such thing, social justice, there’s no such thing as social justice.

Social justice itself is a term that seeks to victimize as many as people as possible. Social Justice Warriors, they’re just liberals, they’re just leftists, they’re just dressing it up with different terminology. Anyway, they’re gonna grow up. They’re gonna grow up. And if they grow up to be the leaders of their generation, folks, you might not want to be around when that happens.

I mean, this is… It is… “Intersectionality is a concept often used in critical theories to describe the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia … xenophobia… etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another.” That’s why they are said to intersect, and they are all one. So the way to understand intersectionality is “oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia … xenophobia, classism, etc.),” they’re all one thing; they’re all evil.

You cannot examine them individually. If a person happens to say something that’s sexist, that makes him everything else, too — racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic — and, therefore, students who believe in this stuff are open to nothing! They’re literally open to nothing. In their minds, everybody’s guilty of all of these things — except, of course, themselves. “Social justice” is to real justice as “social media” is to real media. This whole intersectionality…

I really… I did not intend to get into this today. I was saving it for another time when there was actually an incident. Since I’ve opened the door, let me finish this. A legal scholar…. An African-American “legal scholar named Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term ‘intersectionality’ in [an] essay in 1989.” That’s how old this is. Let me — and this is intellectese. This is intellectspeak. This is how these people think and speak.

Intersectionality is “[d]emarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory and Antiracist Politics.” Her paper… You might have seen it. It was published in something called The Socialist Review. Anyway, it’s a serious thing. You probably have never heard about it but the people practicing it are very proud to be intersectionalists. It’s not intersectionalism. Some might make that mistake. It’s intersectionality. Look it up! Google it if you want.

Eight thousand flights canceled. Think of the ripple effect on economics and convenience, and… They’ll maybe get eight inches in Manhattan. Long Island’s gonna get a dusting. Washington, D.C., a dusting. Do you realize how long this forecast…? I first saw this forecast last Wednesday. I saw it on Drudge. You know, I don’t want to harp on weather services here. That’s not my point. But I tell you, maybe this is the state of journalism, but I read all these stories about this blizzard, about this unprecedented event, about the Canadian air mass that was gonna finally…

And I couldn’t find out in three different stories — when, and they couldn’t find out where. They said, “The northern Upper Plains and the eastern valley regions of the apple orchard…” Could you just tell me the cities and states where this stuff’s supposed to happen instead of all these esoteric, generic terms? So, anyway, I had no idea what, where, when, why other than the vast expanse of the Northeast was gonna have an unprecedented snow event for the month of March, and it was gonna be unprecedentedly cold.

Do you know this? If it gets down to 24… It’s a big cold front despite the blizzard business being a bust. If it gets down to 24 degrees at night… Well, at any time. If the low is 24 in Washington, the cherry blossoms die for the year. That’s it; the whole blossom is done, the blooming. And the forecast for Washington on Wednesday night is 23. We’ll have to hope that forecast is wrong, that that’s just a wild guess. You know that cherry blossom stuff for people living there, it’s a big deal.

For most people, it’s just a postcard. But to people who live in that region, they have cherry blossom parades, the cherry blossom festivals, the cherry blossom mimosas, and they go the whole route. But we’ll have to wait and see. There are some people hoping it does get down to 23 and blow the cherry blossoms out of the water, just to kind of tweak the global warming crowd. Of course we love tweaking them any time.

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