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RUSH: Greg in New Castle, Pennsylvania. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to our program.

CALLER: It’s an honor, sir. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Glad to hear from you.

CALLER: You know what? I owe you the biggest apology in the world, and I want everybody to know it. For years I listened to your show and I thought you were a big bag of wind. Mr. Limbaugh, I’m gonna tell you what. You hit the nail on the head every single time. For the past year-and-a-half I have been listening to you tremendously. You know what you’re talking about. Everything you have said is nothing but truth. I was nothing but a die-hard Democrat. Forgive me for swearing on the radio like that.

RUSH: (laughing) It’s all right.

CALLER: And I follow Donald Trump. I back Donald Trump. He is a businessman. He’s not a politician. He is a good man. This country just needs to give him a chance. And if people would open up their ears and their eyes like you have done for me, this country would be 120 percent better. And I just wanted to thank you and apologize for —

RUSH: I sincerely appreciate that. It’s kind of understandable if you said you were a Democrat listening to me, I can understand you being outraged. But Trump is what caused the bridge to be built, right? You ended up being for Trump. You find that I’m understanding of Trump and explaining to people why Trump is supported, and it pretty much paralleled why you support him. And so then you realized maybe I wasn’t the gas bag you thought I was?

CALLER: No. No. Nope. I’ll put it to you this way. My grandfather used to say, “If you tell me a chicken can pull a bale of hay, I’m gonna harness that chicken,” simple as that.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Rush, I thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: All right. Well, look, I appreciate your call sincerely, and I’m glad you’re able to get through here so that I could chat with you.

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