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RUSH: Remember this flashback, Slate.com. During the September 26th presidential debate last year, September 26, 2016, Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump might be avoiding releasing his taxes to hide that he’s paid nothing in federal tax. Now, I only remind you of this, this goes back to September. My point to you is that all of these leftists — by the way, I got an email during the break. “Rush, you claim you understand these leftists better than anybody, you dissect them, but how do you know them so well?”

Folks, they’ve been trying to shut this show down for over 25 years. It’s been an ongoing thing. I have had to get to know who these people are in order to be able to tell other people how they’re not nearly as big as they are and not nearly whatever else they’re claiming to be. And I listen. I watch. These snowflakes on campus, they’ve got this new name we talked about yesterday, intersectionality, for these kids that refuse to let anybody on campus say anything they disagree with, and they hound them and maybe even commit violence on them.

It’s just liberalism. They may give it a new name, intersectionality, it’s liberalism! And it is getting increasingly unhinged, irrational, and insane. It’s just who they are and what they are. Now, this example I want to cite you here. Hillary is their heroine. They may not like Hillary as much as Obama, but Hillary’s it as far as the presidential — They may have wanted Bernie, they may like Bernie more than Hillary, but now it’s stop Trump, now we hate Trump, Trump’s dangerous, Trump’s this. Hillary has her own fans. Hillary and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz rigged the Democrat primaries against Bernie Sanders, but they’ll look past that when it comes down to Hillary versus Trump.

So on the campaign trail in the debate Hillary posits that maybe Trump won’t release his tax returns because he’s trying to hide that he hasn’t paid anything. Now, they ought to know, with the alternative minimum tax, there isn’t anybody who pays nothing. I mean, it’s so rare that you can’t guess it. In fact, of the $38 million, $35 million, whatever that number is that Trump paid in taxes, $31 million of it is the alternative minimum tax, which is a tax created to make sure that people could not use loopholes and end up paying no tax.

It was a way, even if the tax code said you owed nothing, we’re still gonna get something from you. And it was originally targeted to hit two, five, whatever percent of the population. Now it’s hitting more and more of the population, and every year politicians tell us this is unsupportable and we’re gonna repeal the alternative minimum tax, and they never do. ‘Cause it’s collecting too much money. It’s collecting way more money than the tax code was ever designed to collect. That’s another story.

My point is these people hear Hillary say this, and that’s all they need to hear. Hillary said it. It’s true. They believe it. Then they believe it every day, and every day, and every day, and it compounds. And their hatred and their resentment of Trump compounds and it compounds. And every time Trump says he won’t release his tax returns ’til his audit is finished, the hate compounds again with the belief he’s hiding something. And if somebody says, “Yeah, the tax returns show he worked with the Russians,” they believe that.

They’re consumed by this stuff, folks, to the point that we get to last night, and they thought they had the gold mine. Even when they looked at it they should have realized it wasn’t. Anyway, I just wanted to go to this one little flashback here as a tiny little demonstration of what I’m talking about, how it works. Clinton says Trump might be avoiding releasing taxes to hide that he’s paid nothing. Then there were other times she said maybe he hasn’t earned anywhere near as much, maybe he’s not as rich as he claims to be.

Everything has backfired on these people. Here’s Hillary Clinton saying it’s unconscionable that Donald Trump will not say that he will accept the results of the election. Well, who is it that won’t accept the results of the election? It’s Hillary Clinton, it’s Barack Obama, it’s the deep state, and all of these people that were just convinced Trump was gonna lose. Everything is backfiring on them. Where Trump is concerned, he’s triumphing over them in practically every one of these areas.

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