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RUSH: About an hour before the program began there was a joint little press conference between Adam Schiff (this pencil neck geek, Democrat congressman from California) and Devin Nunes, the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee. And Schiff was out saying, “There’s no evidence whatsoever. We can’t find any evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped.”

And Nunes said, “I can’t… We can’t… There’s no evidence that they wiretapped Trump Tower.” And so once again the liberals think they’ve caught Trump. “Trump lied, Trump’s paranoid, Trump’s…” What they have just forced the left into doing is an entire press conference now where they admit Trump was not under investigation. So if Trump’s not under investigation, what does that do to the Trump-was-working-with-the-Russians-to-hijack-the-election story?

So Nunes was saying, “Well, you know, you gotta make sure that you don’t take Trump literally,” and Schiff’s out there doing… He’s trying to sound like a statesman expressing left-wing hate. He does a pretty good job of it. I have to say, Schiff is good. He masks the genuine left-wing insanity and unhinged hate very well. But, at the end of the day, they’re still (chuckling) shouting for anybody to hear: “Trump was not being wiretapped!” Meaning not being investigated.


This is Carol in Columbia, South Carolina. Welcome. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: I am so excited. Talking to you is on my bucket list, so I can scratch this one off.

RUSH: Great. How many things are on your bucket list?

CALLER: Well, I have about maybe 10 that I really want to —

RUSH: Wow. I’m really honored to be one of the 10. I’m really honored.

CALLER: Wonderful. I need your guiding light, okay?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, in reference to the Trump tweet about Obama and the wiretaps, I watched the news conference this morning with Representative Schiff and Representative Nunes, and miscellaneous press conferences with Sean Spicer, and they seem to clarify that Trump was not saying that Obama actually wiretapped the phones. And when they say that, are they meaning that there are people out there that think Obama physically did this?

RUSH: Yes. Let me explain to you, Carol, how this happens. Again, I must invoke here my knowledge, it’s not intimate in the biblical sense, but it’s my intimate understanding of these screwballs. So Trump says they take everything in a vacuum. They don’t put anything in context. They don’t consider Trump’s reality to really exist. Everything Trump says is a one-off. It’s related to nothing because Trump’s insane. Trump’s mentally ill. They believe this, folks.

They’ve had their psychiatrists in the New York Times do examinations based on what Trump says and does in public and they are convinced that he has had syphilis as a child. One New York Times psychiatrist, or psychologist, posited that the reason Trump’s the way he is ’cause he had syphilis as a kid and it poisoned his mind. Now, they ran all the usual disclaimers, but I’ll guarantee you the New York Times readers ignored the disclaimers and now they’re running around thinking Trump had syphilis and this explains why he’s mentally ill. They think he’s mentally ill. They think he is not all there and everything Trump says or does is a self-contained item. Nothing is ever put in context.

So Trump says in a tweet how horrible he thinks it is that Obama wiretapped — tapped the wires at Trump Tower. They’re not even trying to see if Trump may be engaging in strategy, because Trump’s not capable of that because he’s mentally ill. Trump’s sick. Trump’s scum. Trump’s a pig. Trump’s a reprobate. So he’s not even worth the time to analyze. You just take what he says and you run it through the filter that he’s mentally ill, that he’s a scumbag, that he’s a pig, that he’s a liar, and then you analyze it and react to it that way, which is what they did with that particular tweet. Now, I will explain when we get back why they’re wrong.


RUSH: Happy to explain this. So, again, the starting point is these people hate Trump. They love Obama. Obama is angelic, he’s harmless. Obama is sensitive. He loves gay marriage. He loves transgenders, which makes Obama perfect, okay? He is unassailable. Obama’s infallible. Trump is a pig. He’s a racist, he’s a misogynist, he hates women, he’s uncouth, he’s barbaric, he’s vulgar, he’s yuk. Okay?

Trump says in a tweet that Obama has tapped my wires at Trump Tower. And they’re outraged. They can’t believe anybody would insult Obama that way. Nobody insults Obama. Trump’s sick. Trump’s perverted. Trump is a pig. They don’t have the ability to put Trump’s tweet in the context of everything it involves.

For example, for the last how many months is it they have been alleging collusion between Trump and the Russians and that Trump and the Russians wiretapped Hillary, hacked. There are no wiretaps anymore, folks. You don’t go to the basement and the phone room and tap the wires. It’s monitoring now with cell calls. It used to be with land lines, that’s why you needed warrants and permissions, but now you can just grab things out of the air and off of internet cables and so forth. So monitoring is what Trump meant. Didn’t actually use wiretaps here.

But they’re alleging the same thing. They’re alleging that Trump is wiretapping Hillary. They’re alleging that Trump and the Russians are hacking the Democrats. They’re alleging the same thing, but they don’t stop to think that there’s anything other than pure virtue in that. Because Trump’s a pig, and Trump’s a misogynist and Trump doesn’t deserve to win and Trump deserves to be dead. Just ask Snoop Dogg, who kills Trump in a music video. Trump doesn’t deserve to live. I’m telling you, these people are teetering on the bad side of sanity here, folks.

So they take this tweet, Carol, and they pronounce Trump insane, and they go nuts, and they call a press conference at the House Intelligence Committee, and this pencil neck geek Schiff guy goes out there (imitating Schiff), “I think it’s very, very troubling the things that President Trump tweets. To this day we’ve found no evidence whatsoever that there’s any monitoring of President Trump or of Trump Tower by President Obama, and these are just irresponsible things to say.”

So wait just a minute. Why is it okay for these guys to allege thousands of times a week that Trump’s working with Putin and he’s hacking the Democrats and he’s colluding to steal the election, that’s perfectly fine. And how come there’s nobody saying, “We think it’s very dangerous that these kinds of charges are being leveled about the sacrosanct American election system.”

So Trump decides, you know what? I’m gonna throw the ball back to ’em. So he accuses them. Except he names Obama. He names Obama and he accuses them of doing the same thing that they say he’s doing. And what do they do? They act like stuck pigs. You pig, you sexist, you racist, you irresponsible, we’re not investigating you.” Oh, no. They weren’t supposed to admit that there wasn’t an investigation of Trump, because how can they be looking into collusion with the Russians if there isn’t an investigation?

But then Trump accuses Obama of tapping the wires at Trump Tower, and they rush to the microphones, “We are not! That’s the craziest thing we’ve ever heard. There’s no investigation of Trump.” Oh, there isn’t? Well, we know they haven’t found any evidence because even the people alleging the investigation have made it plain for months and months and months no evidence to support this claim. That’s why they have to keep looking, don’t you know. No evidence. The seriousness of the charge.

So what happened is, Chuck Grassley, senator from Iowa, has told James Comey, you know what? We’re not gonna hold a confirmation hearing on your deputy FBI director until you come up here and tell us yes or no on this investigation of Trump and the Russians. Nobody has officially said one thing or another about it other than these unnamed sources in the deep state.

So Grassley, the Senate Intel Committee chairman, he’s getting fed up with this. So he told Comey, you come up here and you tell us once and for all, is there an investigation? Is there any evidence at all? And until you do that, we are not going to hold a confirmation hearing on the deputy FBI director that Trump wants to send up to you. So that’s supposed to happen within a week that Comey’s supposed to be — folks, if this investigation were going on, it wouldn’t require pulling teeth to get evidence of it because if the investigation were going on they would have something to indicate there’s a reason for the investigation.

They can’t. They’re dying. They’re desperate to say that Trump was colluding with the Russians, but they can’t ’cause he didn’t. So all Trump did, Carol, by throwing the tweet back at ’em — but they don’t see that because Trump’s incapable of strategy, ’cause he’s dumb, ’cause he’s stupid, ’cause he’s a pig, ’cause he doesn’t deserve to be president, he doesn’t deserve to be alive.

The Democrat Party, the American left, are the biggest hate group in America today. And they’re consumed by it. They’re not able to detect what Trump may actually be doing, so they say, “This guy is insane. This is crazy. Trump being wiretapped by Obama?” Trump is so far ahead of them in this game that it’s actually a little embarrassing.

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