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RUSH: Here’s Dave in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you, Dave. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call. Back during the campaign, I remember the Clintons released their tax records, and it showed they’d given this huge amount to charity. Of course, over 90% of that “charity” was the Clinton Foundation. It got me thinking: What’s become of the Clinton Foundation since the election?

RUSH: It is disbanded. The Clinton Foundation is gone. There are two things. We still don’t know if there is an FBI investigation of Clinton Foundation. We believe that there was — and for quite a while — an investigation of the Clinton Foundation by the FBI. But we don’t know for sure. So it’s not known whether that investigation continued or not. The Clinton Foundation did not disburse 90% of their assets to charity, unless you are more informed than I. Are you telling me that in the last two weeks they did that, that you saw that?

CALLER: No, no. I thought I recalled that during the campaign, when Hillary released their tax returns.

RUSH: Oh, no, they’re lying about it! It’s just the exact opposite. They gave away the minimum amount. The Clinton Foundation was nothing more than a… (sigh) She was accepting donations from people to whom she was expected to grant favors. They were donating to her campaign. They were from all over the world — foreign governments, foreign individuals, foreign entities — and the idea was that she would repay with consideration when she was president. The Clinton Foundation had many parts.

It was the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative. That has disbanded as well. The fact that they’re gone or being wound down is prima facie evidence that they existed only to further political ambitions, that the idea that they’re there to help with disaster relief or people in need? Why shut ’em down if that’s your purpose? Why not keep soliciting donations and doing all these good works? I think all they’re being structured for now is for a potential Chelsea Clinton political future. But they’re being reined in in scope.

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