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RUSH: The other thing that’s being discussed today with great energy is Trump’s interview last night with Tucker Carlson, Chatsworth Osborne Jr., on Fox in which Trump said two things that have the glitterati abuzz today. One of them is that the CIA was hacked and that that’s how all that CIA stuff ended up on WikiLeaks.

Now, you might think, “No, that’s already been…” No, no. Not hacked. It was originally thought that a Snowden-type whistleblower — a contractor, some part-timer, somebody — found a way to access all that (somebody inside the CIA) and then shoveled it off to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Trump said they were hacked. That means computer hacked from the outside. That caused a miniature nuclear explosion last night when they finally figured out what Trump had said. The next thing is that Trump doubled down on the fact that he was being surveilled by the Obama administration by saying, “You wait.

“In the next two weeks…” (laughing) “In the next two weeks, we’re gonna be showing you some things you won’t believe.” And then Trump said, “I heard…” He’s talking to Chatsworth. “I heard Bret Baier talking about the wiretaps, and I saw it in the New York Times. I’ve seen all these places talking about the wiretaps.” He said, “Now, look, when I tweeted I put wiretaps in quotes, and that means I wasn’t meaning specifically wiretaps. I’m talking about surveillance in general.” You go back and look at the tweet and he’s right, he put wiretaps, “tapped my wires,” in quotes, which means not specifically, but generically.

So now the Drive-Bys say, “What are you talking about? You weren’t under investigation!” And Trump said (laughing), “I saw it on TV! I read it in the New York Times.” And they’re saying, “Do you believe everything you see in the news?” “Well, why is it there if we’re not supposed to believe it?” And the New York Times on January 20th did indeed have “wiretaps” right there in their headline about the investigation of Trump. And we had this Louise Mensch. She’s the reporter… She’s at Heat Street. She’s a five-star Trump hater.

She’s since been released, but she’s the one who alleged that there was a FISA court request for a warrant last summer to investigate Trump and that the court turned it down because it mentioned Trump and there just wasn’t any evidence to support it so they had to go back for a second request in October that was granted. So far, Louise Mensch is the only reporter who has asserted — for a fact — that a FISA warrant was requested by the Regime — Obama Regime — to surveil Trump.

Now, others have referred to it. Others have talked about it as a possibility. Louise Mensch wrote about it at Heat Street. She’s now gone. So Lindsey Grahamnesty is all over TV now. “Hey! (If the Russians were investigating, were colludin’, don’t you want to know that? And if the Obama administration was wiretapping the Trump campaign, don’t you want to know that? I do.” And so now they’re focused on getting to the bottom of that and bringing James Comey up to say once and for all whether or not there is an investigation of Trump by the federal government, which would have been initiated by the Obama administration.


RUSH:  Republican and Democrat members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are now shooting down Trump’s claim that he was being surveilled by the Obama administration.  But we know that he was.  The media has said so.

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