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RUSH: You know what I did? I took my own advice, folks, and I went back last night and I watched some election night coverage. I told you yesterday if you want to find out why all of this is happening, go back and watch election night coverage. Pick any network, including Fox — it doesn’t matter — and start about 7 p.m. and watch a little, fast forward, watch a little more, and you’ll note that at about 9 to 9:30 is when the party-like atmosphere on every network begins to change obviously and dramatically.

And from 9:30 on it becomes funereal. It becomes panic city. Everything the Democrats were just so certain of is crumbling right before their eyes on their very own maps and tote boards. I went back and I took my own advice, and I did this. I was hoping that it would reignite new perspective. Plus, I figured if I suggested that you do it, it might not hurt me to do it as well. And I’m telling you, folks, I went off the grid to do this.

I shut down email. I didn’t know that Trump had a rally last night until it was almost five minutes away from being concluded, ’cause I got home and I went and did this little project, and I didn’t respond to anything. I was off the grid to be able to do this uninterrupted. The utter shock, the utter horror, the anger and the grief of the anchors and the analysts and the reporters revealed to me that these people were so cocksure that this was going to be a Hillary landslide. They were partying. They were celebrating. They were casting each other knowing glances. They were speaking disparagingly of Trump and Trump voters, and it was going to be a rout.

And this night, election night last year, was going to be the end of any official opposition to the establishment, to the Democrat Party. That is what the election night in November last year really was. Wiping out Trump was going to wipe out the Republicans. It was going to give Hillary Clinton at least four years of Supreme Court nominations, and that would shape the country culturally for the rest of many Americans’ lives, and they would be able to do nothing about it.

Believe me, election night last year — and they all believed it. It was like you and Christmas Eve when you were a kid. And the shock and the horror and the anger and the grief that slowly crept over all of these people’s faces and manners and behavior was just beautiful to behold. They knew they were gonna win. They knew they were gonna win with a blinding certainty that was created over a span of many months, with bingeing arrogance.

Hillary Clinton was gonna win in a landslide, period. Donald Trump was gonna be wiped out. The Republicans were gonna be wiped out. They had their polls. They had their surveys. They had everything, their focus groups, they had all the data. It was conclusive. Nate Silver was telling them 95% chance Hillary’s gonna win. A Trump win was inconceivable. And not just because they were all assured by stat gurus that Hillary had that 95% chance of winning, they also didn’t know anybody voting for Trump.

They don’t know anybody who believes in God anymore. They don’t know anybody who actually works on a farm. They don’t know anybody who goes to church. They think they’re the mainstream, and they’re not. And all of this hit them upside the head on election night.
And I’m gonna tell you this, folks. I’m so glad I did this, because I’m here to tell you, nothing Russia did created this arrogance. Nothing Russia did created this willful blindness the Democrats and the media had about Trump’s prospects. Russia did not hack all of these Democrat polls to mislead Democrats. They believed their own fake polls. They believed their own data. The Russians didn’t create it. The Russians didn’t create the polls. Nate Silver’s not a Russian plant.

The Russians had nothing to do with creating all of these fake circumstances the Democrats believed lock, stock, and barrel was going to result and end in a Hillary landslide. Russia did not send fake information to John Podesta causing him to believe Hillary could ignore Rust Belt states. Russia did not provide fake information to news propagandists brainwashing them into believing Trump’s rallies meant nothing.

I even saw some people, “Yeah, those Trump rallies, audience size at rallies doesn’t mean anything.” Russia had nothing to do with creating the Democrat Party mind-set. They weren’t even concerned about the Russians. They weren’t concerned about a thing. In fact, for most of the Democrat Party’s history, they have loved the Soviet Union and then the Russians, as they love all totalitarian regimes. Russia did not write Obamacare, which got so many Trump voters to the polls. Russia did not kill Ambassador Stevens. Russia did not dictate our horrible response at Benghazi. Russia did not create the worst economic recovery in American history.

Barack Obama and the Democrats did. Barack Obama and the Democrats did not save Ambassador Stevens and the three others killed at Benghazi. Barack Obama and the Democrats wrote the Unaffordable Care Act. Yes, that’s what it should be called, the Unaffordable Care Act. The Russians had nothing to do with any of this.

Russia did not make Hillary Clinton lazy. Russia did not make Hillary Clinton uninteresting. Russia did not make Hillary Clinton the lousiest candidate the Democrats have nominated in a long time. Russia did not cause Hillary Clinton to almost faint and fall over and have to be thrown into a van one beautiful September morning.

Somebody please tell that to FBI Director Comey. Russia didn’t do any of the things that led to the Democrats losing the election. Not a single thing. The Democrats lost this election on substance. The Democrats lost this election on personality. The Democrats lost this election on policy. The Democrats lost this election on arrogance. The Democrats lost this election on condescending attitudes toward most Americans.

The Democrats lost this election because they have become out of touch with the American people, and the Russians have not a single thing to do with any of the real reasons that the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton lost the presidency. It was all self-inflicted. They conspired, all the news people, all the pollsters, all the campaign people, candidate, Huma, all of them conspired in a collective self-delusion, an ignorance-is-bliss bubble conspiracy.

And in the midst of all this, reality made a phone call. Reality called in to say that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate and an outsider had a distinct advantage over her. Democrats didn’t answer the call. And because Trump won and shattered — you go back and you watch this, you can’t believe until you watch it again knowing what you know now, you can’t believe how totally broken and shattered they were.

One thing you have to admire, is how these people put it back together to reassert themselves as though they are still the majority, as though they got shafted, as though they got screwed, as though it’s somebody else’s fault, because this is what they do. They lie; they misconstrue; they obfuscate; they blame; they camouflage themselves. And so it really wasn’t that hard to assume their normal character and behavior. They had to blame others because accepting responsibility for what happened on election night and throughout the whole campaign, accepting responsibility is something nobody in the Democrat Party raised their hands, say, “Yeah, my fault.” No way they were gonna do that; this was that bad.

This is one of the biggest upsets, and it was out there for everybody to see. It was happening right in front of their noses and they refused to see it and look at it. They were telling themselves Trump can’t win, Trump can’t get to 270, Trump can’t win this state, Trump can’t win that state, Trump can’t win the debate, Trump’s not gonna last three weeks, Trump this, Trump that. So now the self-delusion, the new self-delusion is that Russia hacked the election, and the FBI director is helping feed that delusion.

He started an investigation of people close to a likely Republican nominee for president. He set up a situation where Trump could possibly be named as a dreaded unindicted coconspirator in an election where the only fault Donald Trump has is being a better candidate and a better organizer and a more likable person than Hillary Clinton. I guess they’re on their way to trying to criminalize that now.

These people have a lot to answer for. As I said yesterday, the Russians have not succeeded in undermining the integrity of American elections. The Democrat Party and its allies throughout the federal bureaucracy are doing that all by themselves.


RUSH: Here’s Nico in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hi, Nico. Great to have you on the EIB Network. How you doing?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir, very well. Glad you called.

CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to say quick, I’m 18 years old, and I’ve been listening to you for maybe a year or so now, and I wanted to comment quick on your election night coverage were talking about earlier.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Cool.

CALLER: Yeah, I’ve actually watched them a lot. I’ve probably watched them a dozen times, all the different networks, and I wanted to say what really surprised me was not many of them really, they were all shocked, but they were saying, you know, who we gonna blame for this, and I remember it was Gloria or somebody on CNN — I don’t want to say for sure — she started talking about how Comey was the one responsible. How the FBI’s decision to reopen investigation was the turning point. Nothing about Russia. It had nothing to do with John Podesta’s emails. It was all about how he reopened the investigation into her server and that was the turning point. And I’m confused as to why they bring up where the transition was to where Comey was responsible to where the Russians are.

RUSH: You are exactly right on the money. You’re talking about Gloria Borger.

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: That’s her name at CNN. In fairness, I have to say something. I am 66. It seems to me like Gloria Borger has been on TV doing what she does for the last 50 years, the last 40, and she doesn’t look a day older than the day I first saw her. She has to be, but she doesn’t look it. I’m telling you, my first memory of her has to be in the 1970s. It has to be.

At any rate, I just had to throw that in because that’s who this is. And she’s not the only one. They were all blaming Comey. They wanted Comey’s scalp! They were blaming Comey for going public with the investigation of Hillary and her emails. Even though he didn’t choose to indict, he still destroyed her. And then he did it again in October claiming they had reopened the investigation because of Huma’s husband dalliances there with the underage babes on Instagram or what have you. You’re right. During all that time there was nothing to do with the Russians. On election night — I’m glad you mentioned this ’cause I watched it last night myself as I told you, and there wasn’t one mention of how the Russians stole election, screwed Hillary, did this or that.

They were all looking for excuses. And, of course, they didn’t blame Hillary; they blamed Comey, and they blamed the American people who fell for Trump’s trickery and that kind of thing. But you’re right, not one mention of the Russians until after Trump won, that’s when the machine work began, put into place to come up with a theory to explain what was gonna be an automatic landslide win.

CALLER: Yes. So I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. You do amazing work, and I look up to you every day. I try to listen to you all the time, and especially with this college atmosphere I’m in, you got all these liberal professors trying to shove their teachings down my throat, and I just wanted to say thank you very much.

RUSH: No, it is I, Nico, who owe you thanks. I’m gratified that you’re out there, age 18, been listening for a year. And this is a major, major contribution to the program you’ve made because that’s something that, you know, when I’m watching the coverage last night I heard it and I did not remember to mention it, so it’s fortuitous that not only you tried to call today, but got in, because that’s a very important thing to remember is that they were all blaming Comey, who they now love, by the way.

What’s the dynamic going on there? They hated Comey. They wanted Trump to fire Comey. They didn’t think Trump would fire Comey ’cause they thought Comey was doing Trump’s dirty work and that’s why Comey is still there. Now all of a sudden they love Comey. Has Comey decided he’d rather be loved by the Democrats and hated by the Republicans? Is that the path of least resistance for him?

I have so many questions about what’s going on here, folks, and the problem with it is is that we have now a sacred, supposedly sacred area of our government — that’s law enforcement — that has now been corrupted by left-wing politics as well. It’s obvious. Nico, again, thanks much.


RUSH: All right. Just a quick Gloria Borger research. She’s 65, and I’m telling you, she doesn’t look a day older than when I first noticed her 30 years ago. I didn’t… I found out some interesting stuff. Her son is married to Mary Anne Huntsman, who is the daughter — one of the daughters — of Jon Huntsman Jr. Not that it means anything; it’s just interesting little trivia here. The Huntsmans are supposedly Republican, supposedly conservative Republicans, and Borger’s son is married to one of those Huntsman daughters.

And then this, my friends, from the John Podesta ema… Oh! Oh! That reminds me. The media today is doing their level best to further this narrative that Podesta’s computer was hacked, and I have been saying that Podesta fell for a phishing scam. What they’re now doing is saying that Podesta fell for one of these computerized bots that was running around polluting his email. So I went back to the original sourcing when I first heard that Podesta had fallen prey to a phishing scam, because I’m telling you: That is fundamental and key here. Podesta allowed people into his computer.

And, in fact, the original story on this, they blame an aide to Podesta for hitting the wrong key on a keyboard to explain why his emails ended up being public. Nothing about being hacked. Nothing about the Russians getting into his computer. Somebody working for him hit the wrong key on the keyboard. I’ll get that coming up in the next hour. But one of the things that we learned from the WikiLeaks Podesta emails showed that Gloria Borger essentially wrote mash notes to John Podesta.

For instance, in one email she sent to Podesta, the subject was: “You’re a TV star!” exclamation point. She wrote, “I’ve been in GOP hell. Will reach out soon. You good?” Clearly Gloria Borger is just like Glenn Thrush (Glenn Thrush then at The Politico, now at the New York Times), who sent emails to Podesta that contained his stories. (paraphrased) “John, would you take a look at this? I admit I’m a hack. Take a look at this and edit it as you please before I publish it.” Nobody ever denied what we were learning in the Podesta emails was true.

Nobody ever disputed any of it, and what it established is that the Drive-By Media and Podesta and the Hillary campaign were joined. They were one and the same, and Gloria Borger was actually sending these modified love notes. “Hey, John! You’re a TV star, dude! Love ya! How you doin’? I’ve been in GOP hell. I’ll reach out soon. You good?” That how an accredited member of the media treats somebody in a political campaign? You think they’re reaching out to people in the Trump campaign that way?

“Hey, Corey! Hey, Corey, man, I saw you on TV after they said you grabbed that babe’s arm and threw her to the floor. Great move, Corey. You’re looking really good. Are you doing okay, Corey? I’ve been in Democrat hell here, and I need some relief. How you do…?” You think that kind of email was ever sent to Corey Lewandowski? You think any of them send Kellyanne Conway emails like that? (scoffs) Ha! Fat chance. So that’s the kind of stuff we learn from the WikiLeaks Podesta email dump.

But I’m gonna go back and gonna get this, the origins of this and how it happened, because they’re in the process of rewriting history. They’re revising history on this, because they want the hack to be of Podesta’s emails. If there was a hack, I keep asking: What was the hack? If there was a hack, it was of the DNC computer network. But that’s not how we got the Podesta emails. The hack of the DNC computer network is how we learned that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz was working with Hillary to sabotage Bernie Sanders. That’s what we learned from that.

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