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RUSH: It looks like, at least they’re calling it, a terror incident at the U.K. Parliament. CNN and the Drive-By Media are terribly distressed that this is being called a terror incident, but the U.K. is saying that the police there are treating it as a terrorist incident until they know otherwise. Conflicting news about what actually happened.

A cop has apparently been stabbed and pedestrians were mowed down by virtue of a runaway car and driver. It was originally reported as a truck and then a mini-van and now it’s a car. And you can see pictures, there’s clearly a car, and it looks like it’s been stopped by a fence trying to ram the grounds.

Greetings, folks. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh here with broadcast excellence for the next three hours. The telephone number is 800-282-2882, and if you want to send an email, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

So the London police are treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise.

Now, there are some things in the news, some conflicting stories in the news — by the way, I must say, folks, I have never seen the media like this. I thought I had seen full-fledged, undisguised, raw media bias before, but I have never seen anything like this. I have a Stack in here of at least 50 pages, and every story, I don’t care what it is, every story savages Donald Trump in some way regarding the story. If it’s health care, if it’s this, the terror incident in the U.K., if it happens to be this so-called ban of electronic devices on flights coming into the U.S.

The Washington Post headline on that one: “Trump Won’t Allow You to Use iPads or Laptops on Certain Airlines.” Let me just go through some of this. I mean, it’s incredible. Hill Republicans say they’re growing frustrated with Mattis. This is “Mad Dog” Mattis, and he is the defense secretary. And the reason they’re mad is that this guy wants to hire Obama people as his assistants.

“His unconventional choices for top Pentagon posts and his reluctance to aggressively push for dramatic increases in the defense budget have rankled Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

This story is actually not new. I knew that Mattis had tried to hire a couple of Obama people, one of them a female, as a high-ranking aide. That had people flummoxed, but this story goes on to say that Mattis is a genius, that Mattis is great, Mattis is trying to moderate this insane, lunatic Trump, and thank God for Mattis. At least there is somebody in this administration who understands the threat posed by Trump. So that’s what this story is.

Schumer Calls for Delaying Gorsuch Vote Because of Trump-Russia Probe.” Have you heard about this? The Democrats are trying to figure out how they want to lose the Gorsuch vote. There is a political strategy to losing the Gorsuch vote. And the Democrats are trying to figure out the best way to lose, ’cause they’re not gonna be able to mount the votes to stop the guy. You know, Leonard Leo, the Federalist Society, and Mitch McConnell have said, if this guy can’t — by the way, these two quotes kind of crack me up in their own way.

“If Gorsuch can’t be confirmed, then there isn’t any judge nominated by a Republican president that can be confirmed.” These guys are just figuring this out? Are they just now figuring out that the objective going on here is stopping — you know, when I first saw the name Gorsuch nominated, if I may make a departure here, I started listening to people analyze Gorsuch in terms of what kind of a jurist is he, he’s a great judge, he’s this or that, and I said, “Do these guys not know what’s going on? It doesn’t matter. In fact, the better this guy is, the more pure he is, the greater threat he’s gonna be.”

Why do the people on our side of the aisle still not get that everything is political and all of it is oriented toward resistance? The qualifications of these people don’t matter. Their character doesn’t matter. Look, I appreciate the sentiment. If, my gosh, this Gorsuch guy is so great, he’s so perfect, that if we can’t get him confirmed, there’s not a single Republican nominee who could be. Welcome to the real world. That’s the objective, to make sure not a single Republican ever is confirmed. To make sure that not a single Republican is ever elected president. And if that happens, to destroy him ASAP.

Those are the rules that we are playing by here. And somehow we’ve got ourselves convinced that we can win the battle here and force the Democrat to support what we’re doing by nominating quality people. This latest theory is being put up by Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren has weighed in on it. And it basically is this: “Well, since Comey said that there’s an ongoing investigation of Trump colluding with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary, then we must delay the vote for Gorsuch. We can’t confirm this guy.”

Well, why not? I mean, if he’s been nominated by a duly elected president and if he’s gone through the confirmation process and if nobody’s found anything wrong with him, why not confirm him? Answer: Cause he’s not legitimate because Trump isn’t legitimate, and if this investigation shows anything that would warrant action against Trump, then these people want to say that Gorsuch should not be voted on until Trump is cleared. Well, do you realize when that’s gonna happen? Do you realize how long this investigation could go on? The Democrats are in no hurry for this Trump-Russia investigation to end, because if they get their way, they’ll use it to stop anything.

I know you’re saying, “But, Rush! But, Rush! We have the votes. We have the…” Not in the Senate. We don’t have 60 votes. “But, Rush, Rush, Rush! We have the nuclear option.” Yeah, but I don’t see anybody’s trigger finger getting very itchy on this. But it’s clear that the resistance and the opposition here is not based on anything substantive. All of this is rooted in the belief and the effort every day to establish that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president, that he was elected due to fraud, cheating, collusion, what have you.

So, “Schumer Calls for Delaying Gorsuch Vote Because of Trump-Russian Probe.” How idiotic? No, it’s not. It’s typical. It’s exactly typical. It’s exactly what you would expect the Democrats to do. And of course there are ways around it, but… Well, you just vote on the guy! You just confirm him, and you turn on a little offense and turn it right back on ’em and start asking them, “Okay, you know you’re gonna lose here, Senator Schumer. How do you want to lose? Do you want to lose with 51 votes or do you want to lose with 60 votes?

“Do you want to lose next week or are you gonna lose next month? How are you gonna lose? You tell me, Senator Schumer, ’cause you’re gonna lose. You make up your mind how you want to lose, but Gorsuch is being confirmed.” That’s just one of the stories. (shuffling papers) I’ll keep going here. (muttering) “Third Day…” (shuffling papers) Let’s see. I’m sorry, folks, these pages stick together. The best laid plans of mice and men. Three pages… “MSNBC’s Matthews Slams ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ Gorsuch: ‘It’s Not His Turn.'” Yeah, because it’s Merrick Garland’s turn. It should have been Merrick Garland; Gorsuch ought not even have been nominated. Garland should have been confirmed.

Politico: “Susan Rice: White House’s False Statements Could Put the U.S. in Danger.” How in the hell…? This is a woman that went on television five different shows on a Sunday and lied about Benghazi, and she’s sufficing as a source for the Drive-By Media claiming that this “White House’s False Statements” are “Put[ting] the U.S. in Danger.” This one has nothing to do with Trump: “She Created ‘Period-Proof Underwear’ to Empower Women. Now She’s Accused of Sexual Harassment.” Do you care about the details of that story? (interruption) Do you want to know about that one?

Have you ever heard of period-proof panties? (interruption) You haven’t? (interruption) It’s a great Millennial invention. Apparently they really work, according to the story, but the CEO… The woman that founded it is a lousy CEO, and she runs around feeling up other female employees, and there’s no human resources department to complain to. So now they’ve gone to the New York board or city department of, you know, disadvantaged workers or whatever and they’re getting ready to move the babe out. And it’s just a bunch of Millennials.

There’s another story… This one also has nothing to do with Trump. There’s another story about what’s really causing the snowflake phenomenon on college campus. Tell me if you think this holds any merit. It’s that essentially what’s happened is that a young bunch of Baby Boomer kids and grandkids were farmed out to day care as soon as their parents could get rid of them. Age one, age two, they send ’em to day care, and these kids… It became such a formative experience that when they get to college, they want college to be another version of day care, with protection and safety and no feelings hurt.

Just like kids are treated when they’re four, five in kindergarten, this is how they want to be treated in college, because of the impact of day care on them. Day care was another great liberal invention, which was designed to separate kids from their parents under the premise that the government could do a better job of inoculating or propagandizing young kids than their parents could. It’s an interesting theory, worth exploring. And you want to hear more about the period-proof underwear? I’ll put that aside.

In Maryland… This is unbelievable. In Maryland, we have the rape of a Rockville High School student by two undocumented immigrants, and now the State of Maryland is taking a vote on whether they should become a sanctuary state! It defies… We’re gonna take a vote on how we are openly going to break and flout the law, and again this is because of Trump, because Trump is making everybody scared. Everybody’s afraid they’re gonna be deported. We need to provide a safe haven for anybody who’s afraid of Donald Trump.

Trump, GOP Leaders Lack Votes to Pass Obamacare Repeal.” “Americans Worry, Cheer as Congress Moves to Upend the Affordable Care Act.” “Trump, GOP Struggle to Find Health Care Votes.” “House Obamacare Repeal DOA in the Senate.” Every headline! “Trump’s Penchant for Vengeance Casts Shadow on Health Care Vote.” It just never ends. “Republicans Face Catch-22 on Whether to Back Trumpcare: Face the Wrath of Trump or Face the Wrath of the Koch Brothers.” The Koch brothers are back (laughing), and they’re competitors to Trump, and Republicans are scared to death. They don’t know who to be afraid of more: Trump, the voters, or the Koch brothers.

GOP Governors Battling Trump’s Budget in Private.” Now, this story’s in TheHill.com and it’s all about how Republican governors (sigh) think that Trump’s off his rocker, it’s dangerous, and they’ve gotta find some way… They are meeting in private to find ways to subvert Trump’s budget because it’s frightening. The dangers posed to this country by Donald Trump are requiring all of these secret meetings to find ways to subvert what Trump wants to do without Trump knowing about it. Wall Street Journal lead editorial: “A President’s Credibility — Trump’s falsehoods are eroding public trust, at home and abroad.

“If President Trump announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed within 100 miles of Hawaii, would most Americans believe him? Would the rest of the world? We’re not sure,” here at the Wall Street Journal, “which speaks to the damage that Mr. Trump is doing to his presidency with his seemingly endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods. The latest example is Mr. Trump’s refusal to back off his Saturday morning tweet of three weeks ago that he had ‘found out that [Barack] Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory’ on Election Day.”

This has got ’em so bugged they can’t see straight in the Drive-Bys, that Trump made that allegation about Obama and won’t apologize and won’t pull it back. They think Trump is insane. Folks, I don’t know this — I really don’t — because I don’t live in Washington, and I seldom go there. But I would be stunned if there weren’t regularly scheduled, very private meetings in deep, dark crevices of underground Washington where various people and groups are trying to plot what they can do to overturn this, to fix this, to get rid of Trump. I think they are so discombobulated, I think they are so panicked.

And remember, now, most of the Washington establishment is hard-core leftists. And they, I think… I think they really believe that Donald Trump is mentally unbalanced. I think they really believe that Donald Trump is insane. I think… This is in addition to whatever else they fear over having lost the election and an outsider coming in and effectively taking control of what they have run for 50 years. That’s bad enough, just having lost the election, which they thought was gonna be a landslide win and that life was gonna continue as it was.

They were gonna continue to do well. The deconstruction of the United States was going to continue. We were gonna sign onto all this global warming stuff. The United Nations was gonna take on an ever more important role. The United States as a superpower was going to be reducing in strength, dwindling down and so forth. Then this comes along, and here comes talk of a wall and not letting immigrants in and unsettling talk about sanctuary cities, creating an America just opposite of this agenda.

That alone is enough to cause these people to be in abject panic. Now you add to it the stuff they think Trump is doing that is genuinely insane, like refusing to apologize for claiming Obama was wiretapping him and other similar things. They are… I think if there’s any insanity in Washington, either clinical or just conversational insanity, it’s not Trump. It’s everybody else there. And, man, are they unified! Like I say, it doesn’t matter. Turn on a TV network, go to a website and read any so-called mainstream media website, and it is never ending. The personal assaults, the policy assaults on Trump.

I can hear you out there saying, “Rush! Rush, you shouldn’t sound…” I’m not… Folks, don’t misunderstand me now. None of this opposition surprises me. I’m the one who expected this, and I’m not expecting any of this to turn into love and admiration and support for Trump. What has me concerned is not the insanity of Donald Trump. What has me concerned is the insanity of everybody else and what they might do, ’cause they’re the ones… The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the CNN, these are the people that are out of sorts. These are the people that have lost. These are the people who’ve had their world crumble.

These are the people who’ve lost whatever claim to power they thought they had.

These are the people, to me, who are dangerous.


RUSH: Here is a line from the Wall Street Journal editorial:

“Yet the president clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims.” I don’t remember the Wall Street Journal ever getting this exercised over the way the Obama administration routinely characterized conservatives. You remember, it wasn’t long into the Obama second term where I think it was Loretta Lynch released a report on domestic terror and claimed that right-wing groups and websites and media figures posed the greatest terror threat within the borders of the U.S.

And you want to talk about not having any evidence for such a claim? You want to talk about hate? Now, there might have been some stated opposition to what Lynch said, but did anybody start questioning her fitness to be DOJ attorney general or Obama or any of this — or when Obama was denying conservative groups tax-exempt status, for example?


RUSH: It was Janet Napolitano that released that report on the greatest terror threat inside the U.S. was posed by right-wing extremists, remember that? And right-wing extremists meant people who ran wacko websites. This is in Napolitano’s view. It also means it’s Obama’s view. Wacko websites, wacko media figures in general and so forth. I don’t remember our media, I don’t remember conservative media getting that outraged at such claims and demanding that the people who think like that pose a grave threat, when in fact they did!


RUSH: Did you know that CNN did an entire segment today on the premise Donald Trump is afraid of stairs? They did. CNN did a whole segment on Trump being afraid of stairs. And the AP: “Bid to Strip Terrorist’s Citizenship May Mark New Trump Way.” And naturally they oppose this. They oppose terrorists having their citizenship stripped. That is an example of racism and bigotry on the part of Trump and he must be stopped.

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