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RUSH: Now, I want to go back and explore this Trump tweet about being surveilled by Obama one more time. I did this yesterday. I’m gonna go do it again. “What do you mean, Rush? Are you defending Trump?” I’m not defending anybody here. I’m just using some common sense. Since last July, we’ve been told there’s an investigation of Trump. Comey admitted it. There’s an investigation of the Trump campaign and the Russians to see if there’s any collusion. You know, every time I say this I get frosted because it’s absurd! Because at the same time they say this, they have admitted that there was no way they could have fixed the election.

So what is this really all about? Anyway, in the middle of these five months, throughout these five months and longer, there have been stories, leaked information from intelligence sources deep inside the intelligence community, as stated by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN, and they’ve contained information that’s classified. They have contained information that may be false. Where did they get it? If there wasn’t some kind of surveillance going on, where’d this stuff come from? There clearly has been some surveillance going on. And since it started in July of last year, that means it happened during the Obama presidency.

We still don’t know about those two FISA warrants. We don’t know if they were actually ever sought or if that’s bogus news. But when Trump threw that grenade that Obama has been wiretapping or tapping his wires at Trump Tower, look at what happened. What happened was that all of these people that had been leaking things and all of these people that had been printing things and all of these media people that had been running stories citing wiretaps and other sources deep inside the intel community denied that they’d been doing that. They denied that there was an investigation. Trump’s off his rocker.

Well, then how did that stuff end up in the news? How did people learn it? How did they learn about Mike Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador, if there wasn’t some surveillance going on? But that one tweet from Trump, that Obama was surveilling him, tapping his wires, and now you have Comey and the NSA guy at the committee hearing on Monday saying, “Oh, no, no, there’s no evidence, we found no evidence, none whatsoever,” blah, blah. Well, there has to be some evidence somewhere, because there was surveillance going on somewhere and it happened during the Obama administration.

But even with all that, can you believe how out of their minds they are with simply Trump alleging that Obama would be spying on him? It has sent them off the deep end and they are reacting to this as irrationally as you can possibly imagine and see. And this is leading them to think that Trump is the one that’s insane, that Trump is unbalanced, that Trump poses a grave threat to the republic. And I guarantee you, if these people — I mean, they believe it. I do believe that they mean it when they say this stuff. And I think it means they are scared to death.

And what they may be plotting, what they may be considering, what they may be going through, whatever reaction they’re having is what alarms me. I mean, I think of all of the allegations that were made against George W. Bush when he was president that make this claim by Trump that Obama was surveilling him, and then you put it all in context of things, and it pales in comparison to some of the stuff that’s been alleged and said about Republican presidents or conservative figures of high reputation.

And yet the reaction to this is like this is the absolute bottom, this is the absolute lowest. This is beneath anything and everything we’ve ever seen and it’s beneath anything we should ever tolerate, accept, and so forth. I’m not defending anybody here, folks. I’m just sharing with you how I think about this stuff. There was surveillance going on. It could not have been otherwise.

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