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RUSH: Yesterday, I had to take a business trip, but I still worked in the morning before I had to leave. I did some show prep, and I came across a fascinating piece in the U.K. Daily Mail, an op-ed piece written by… I guess it’s a reporter, maybe an op-ed writer in the U.K. named Katie Hopkins. And it was about the incident… Have you noticed, by the way, how that incident has vanished from the American media, and have you noticed how the reporting on that incident was, “Yeah, it was just a British citizen”?

They’re doing everything they can to sweep under the rug the fact that it was an Islamist extremist. The fact that he was a British citizen feeds into the point that Katie Hopkins was making. Without getting into the great details because I don’t have time, her basic point was these are no longer acts of extremism; this is what London has become. Not the U.K., but London. This is what London has become. This is who we have allowed to emigrate. This is what we willingly brought in. This is what we should expect. This is who we are. All these candlelight vigils and so forth are a waste of time.

These are not outside-the-norm things that we should not expect.

She says we should expect them because it’s who we are.

But it’s really good.

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