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RUSH: Chelsea Clinton. Last Friday night here at Mar-a-Lago at the winter White House, the Republican Party of South Florida or whatever it is had its annual Lincoln Day Dinner. They created a program that you get if you go in, like you get a program at a ballgame. They had a little program with the agenda in it — who’s speaking, who’s saying what, how much to send to this person. It’s a fundraising thing.

So on the front of the program is an artist’s drawing of Abe Lincoln wearing a Make America Great cap, a red Make America Great cap on the head of Abe Lincoln. It is a drawing. Chelsea Clinton saw it; she sent out a tweet: “Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?” Meaning, it’s likely that Chelsea Clinton literally actually believed that Abraham Lincoln had worn a Make America Great cap and had been photographed wearing it back in 1863! She was serious, folks. She was scared to death that Lincoln actually wore the hat.


RUSH: And remember Chelsea Clinton, Abe Lincoln once said, “Do not believe everything you read on the internet.” Famous Lincoln quote.

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