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RUSH: “Transgender Passengers Uneasy About TSA Shift on Pat-Downs.” This from the Washington Post. I always thought that transgenders wanted to be treated like everybody else, and now that TSA is gonna treat ’em like everybody else, they are uneasy about it. “When the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a recent shift toward a more aggressive and uniform policy on pat-downs at airport checkpoints, transgender people had special reason to be wary.

“Transgender passengers have used social media to document humiliating and sometimes hostile experiences at airport checkpoints in recent years. Given the apparent change on transgender policies already signaled by the Trump administration, some LGBT advocates are worried.” What are they talking about? How could these pat-downs be any different from anybody else’s? Are only transgenders allowed to complain about being groped in ways that would normally get the groper arrested?

I don’t understand. You either like it or you don’t, you want it or you don’t.

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