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RUSH: A story here on the Daily Wire, and the headline: “At What Age Do Millennials Consider Themselves Adults? The Answer Will Stun You.” Mr. Snerdley, when did you think you were an adult? (interruption) Even before…? (interruption) When you were, like, 12, 15? At what age would you consider yourself an adult, and when that age occurred, did you think of yourself as an adult? (interruption) Twenty one? Twenty-one. What about you, Brian? (interruption) Twenty-one, twenty-two.

Well, according to the latest research on this, which has been “compiled by David Poltrack, CBS’ chief research officer and their ratings expert, as well as Nielsen Catalina Solutions … Millennials consider themselves adults at age 30,” but it gets even worse than that. In other words… Remember the story we had the other day about the reason these little snowflakes in college are the way they are is because in their minds they’re still in day care and they have not grown up to the point…

I mean, they still want safe environments like they had in day care, and that was all in an attempt here to persuade people day care’s not all it’s made out to be. Not only do Millennials not consider themselves adults until they are 30, the reason is it’s not until they’re 30 that they are completely responsible for themselves. They no longer reside with their parents and pay entirely their own bills. That doesn’t happen until they are 30. Now, there are exceptions, obviously. I’m sure your Millennial kid is totally self-sufficient and it’s everybody else’s that are the dead weight.

But this is… It’s aggregated research, and on the surface, it makes sense to me. It seems believable to me. I was… When I was 15, I wanted to be 30. I tried to behave like an adult when I was 15. Yeah, I guess when I was 21. That’s when you can legally buy things. That was part and parcel of it for me. But also 18. But 30? That would have been… If somebody told me that we’re not gonna consider you an adult until you’re 30, I would have been so depressed, I would not have known what to do, ’cause adulthood was one of the things I desired most when I was a teenager.

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