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RUSH: The Politico is genuinely surprised that the Trump administration is not following a playbook of hate in dealing with California.

The biggest surprise came after California asked for help when the Oroville Dam spillway was in danger of collapse. Instead of being vindictive and telling residents to take a hike for not preparing for winter flooding, the Trump team came through with millions of dollars in aid for about a dozen California counties.

The governor, Jerry Brown, has been openly hostile to Trump. He said vicious things about him. Lately, the governor dialed it back a bit since he realizes he has to work with Trump to get what he wants.

But Politico is nevertheless stunned that “despite his coolness” to the state, Trump has avoided “opportunities for open conflict” with California.

During the Obama years, certain natural disasters in red states were ignored even though the governors asked for help. And there was no doubt Obama had an enemies list. Just follow the trail of targets, IRS or other Obama agencies.

What Politico points out, without meaning to, is how liberals think and behave when they have power. In their shock that Donald Trump is not punishing his supposed enemies they admit what they do all the time.

And there’s no doubt they perceive us as their real enemies and they treat us accordingly. And when we’re nice to them like this, they think we’re a bunch of suckers.

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