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RUSH: The Nebraska Democrat Party wants refugees. They’re giving them gift baskets, diapers, kitchen utensils and voter registration forms. A letter signed by Jane Kleeb comes with the forms.

She points out that Nebraska welcomes more refugees than any other state, per capita. She says that Trump’s travel ban is racist so it was a call to action for ’em in Nebraska. Refugees left their political parties of their old countries behind, so Democrats wanted to make sure they’d be embraced here. As for the voter registration forms, she says it’s not illegal for the Democrats to hand them out. She’s just helping the refugees become familiar with them.

A Republican state lawmaker wants the Democrats to provide a list of all the people who were given these forms as part of their welcome. That way, voter rolls can be checked to make sure everything is on the up and up.

The Democrats say that that’s offensive. “It’s absolutely ludicrous,” says Kleeb. “It’s a sad state of affairs that this is where the Republican Party is going right now.”

Ms. Kleeb, you Democrats don’t give a rip that it’s illegal for non-citizens to vote. Ludicrous doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on with your party. This is such a transparent effort that you’re engaging in. It proves this is the only reason you care about immigration.

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