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RUSH: Devin Nunes is refusing to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee. There’s no way he should. There’s no reason. That’s not a legal proceeding there. The House Intelligence Committee is not a court of law. It does not have lawyers and this kind of thing. There’s no reason for him to recuse himself. And, by the way, the stuff that he has learned, the only mistake that he made, if he made a mistake was in trumpeting the fact that he was alerting Trump to what he’d known, but the executive branch had the details, had the intel that Nunes came across.

What Nunes came across was what we all know what happened, and that is that the Obama administration was surveilling foreign actors, and they were unmasking Americans who had been caught up in that surveillance. Americans who were not the targets had what they were saying, in some cases leaked to the media, and in some cases their names were unmasked, clear violations of the law.

And what he meant by “legal,” it was legal, was that wiretaps on the foreign actors like the Soviet ambassador and anybody else were totally legal. And those people talked to Americans who were not under surveillance, and that’s where the problem comes in. When you unmask Americans not under surveillance and leak what those Americans said, when you don’t have a wiretap to do so, it’s a clear violation of the law. But the actual collection of the evidence of the surveillance was legal.

Anyway, there’s no reason for Nunes to recuse himself.

The Democrats are playing pure obstructionism here because this is the only thing that they have to try to taint the Trump presidency.

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