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RUSH: Now, on this business of the White House offering the Senate committee on intel, and I guess the House, too, to come up and check the intel that Devin Nunes saw, here once again, my friends, the reporting on this is so spotty and it’s so purposely incomplete.

The material, classified material that is in the hands of the National Security Council is always held on the grounds of the White House at the OEOB, the Old Executive Office Building, otherwise known as the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. And it’s just across a narrow street that’s actually used for transportation, a little parking there. You come out of the West Wing in the back, and you walk across a little street, and there’s the Old Executive Office Building. It’s where the vice president’s office is, ceremonial. It is where the National Security Council’s offices are.

Whenever you hear such-and-such, White House counsel, White House staffer, 95% of them don’t work in the White House or the West Wing. The West Wing’s actually a very small complex and it’s crowded and it’s overflowing with people. The Old Executive Office Building — Google this or, you know, look at it on apple maps. It’s plain as day. You can see it plain as day. But that’s where all this intel is being held. It’s not actually in the White House. A minor point, but it’s not in the White House. It’s the Old Executive Office Building now known as the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

It’s probably up on the fourth floor which is where the National Security Council is based and of course the National Security Council’s part of the executive branch, part of the president’s intel apparatus. They have exceptional security up there, and it is a time honored tradition to put highly classified material there and to have congressmen come there to view it. SOP. Standard operating procedure.

It is not unusual for the White House to extend an invitation to Shifty and the Senate counterparts to head over here and look at this. The White House: We’re not hiding anything. Nunes came up and saw it, you can come see it. And these senators and members of the House and the Democrats say: screw you, we’re not coming up on your turf. You send it over to us. And there’s a turf war going on, a little bit of a breakdown there.

But Nunes is being excoriated for being very careful with highly classified material. In this case it includes the unmasked American citizens. Meanwhile, while Nunes is doing everything he can to respect the classified status of this stuff, look at Hillary Clinton who was trafficking in this stuff — this kind of stuff we’re talking about. She was trafficking in this stuff, that server of hers in her basement, in Chappaqua.

And Hillary Clinton is a hero. She didn’t do anything wrong. There wasn’t any classified data coming in or out of her server. She knew better than that, and that’s total BS. So we want to now castigate Devin Nunes for going to where the archives are held and looking at it and reporting on it, and, meanwhile, that’s the stuff that Hillary Clinton was trafficking in on her email and her server in her house at Chappaqua.


RUSH: I meant to mention — I’ve got time to do it here before we have to get out of here. Kimberley Strassel in a column yesterday in the Wall Street Journal does sort of a bullet-point timeline on Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee ending at the Executive Office Building going through intel there, which he says confirms some of what Trump has said.

Kimberley Strassel goes through it all and literally confirms that the bottom line is that the Obama administration was indeed spying on the incoming Trump administration. They may not have targeted Trump people, they may have purposefully targeted people they knew Trump transition people would be talking to and intercepted them that way. But to her it’s practically a conclusion that’s guaranteed.

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