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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Undocumented anchorman Mark Steyn filled in while America's Real Anchorman battled the ravages of the flu. Check out Mark's Stack of Stuff.

Trump Makes Stand at NATO Summit

RUSH: The United States was paying way too much of a burden, not just financially, but in the actual defense of Europe. They were getting off easy.

Impeachment Is Being Used to Wound

RUSH: The point is they know he’s going to win. Impeachment is a weapon to create a very deep wound. Impeachment is designed to stop his reelection, not to get him convicted and thrown out of office.

After Slow Walk, Why Make Tracks to Impeach Now?

RUSH: Weren’t the Democrats wanting to drag this impeachment thing out at first to kind of bleed Trump dry? You know, death by a thousand cuts. Now, all of a sudden, they want to speed this up.

Turmoil as Radical Left Fails in Primary

RUSH: The Democrats’ problems are further accentuated because whatever they are talking about is being overshadowed and overwhelmed by this faux impeachment push.

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